RE: intel_pstate: Lowest frequency not reached with Intel i7-6700

From: Doug Smythies
Date: Wed Dec 12 2018 - 18:06:42 EST

On 2018.12.12 13:40 Paul Menzel wrote:

> Using *powersave* as P-state selection algorithm, on an idle system

Define "idle system".
If your computer is running a GUI, or is even a server without a GUI
but with many services running, then "idle" really isn't.
Below is from my test server, with many services disabled, so
"idle" really is quite "idle"

doug@s15:~/temp$ sudo turbostat --Summary --quiet --show Busy%,Bzy_MHz,PkgTmp,PkgWatt --interval 15
Busy% Bzy_MHz PkgTmp PkgWatt
0.01 1608 27 3.71
0.01 1619 27 3.71
0.01 1600 28 3.71
0.01 1600 28 3.70

Note that p state 16 (1600 MHz) is the minimum for my older i7-2600k processor.

> Shouldnât it go down until 800 MHz?

We would need some actual busy information, turbostat is the recommended tool,
to know for sure.

... Doug