Re: [PATCH] opp: Add API for getting voltage from supplies

From: Viresh Kumar
Date: Thu Dec 13 2018 - 05:42:53 EST

On 13-12-18, 18:36, Nick Fan wrote:
> This new API is suitable for the users that required to access for
> multiple regulators. And I am one of users who uses this API, but I am
> not able to upstream the GPU kernel driver which uses the new API.

Look at it from mainline's perspective..

- We don't (can't) care about non-mainline stuff. Actually we do care,
but we can't add code to mainline which is not going to be used by
any mainline user.

- I am fine with introducing the new API, but that will happen only if
there is going to be a mainline user as well.

- As you are going to maintain your GPU driver offline, you can
maintain this patch too.

Sorry Nick.