Re: [PATCH 05/12] PCI: aardvark: add suspend to RAM support

From: Miquel Raynal
Date: Thu Dec 13 2018 - 09:30:16 EST

Hi Lorenzo,

> > If that's really the case, then I can see how one device and it's
> > children are suspended and the irq for it is disabled but the providing
> > devices (clk, regulator, bus controller, etc.) are still fully active
> > and not suspended but in fact completely usable and able to service
> > interrupts. If that all makes sense, then I would answer the question
> > with a definitive "yes it's all fine" because the clk consumer could be
> > in the NOIRQ phase of its suspend but the clk provider wouldn't have
> > even started suspending yet when clk_disable_unprepare() is called.
> That's a very good summary and address my concern, I still question this
> patch correctness (and many others that carry out clk operations in S2R
> NOIRQ phase), they may work but do not tell me they are rock solid given
> your accurate summary above.

I understand your concern but I don't see any alternative right now
and a deep rework of the PM core to respect such dependency is not
something that can be done in a reasonable amount of time. With
regard to this constraint, do you think it is worth blocking the