Re: [PATCH v7 11/25] arm64: irqflags: Use ICC_PMR_EL1 for interrupt masking

From: Julien Thierry
Date: Fri Dec 14 2018 - 10:23:28 EST


On 13/12/2018 15:03, Julien Thierry wrote:
> Argh, not as simple as I had expected.
> Turns out include/linux/efi.h does not include asm/efi.h (including it
> at the beginning of the file breaks the build because asm/efi.h misses
> the efi type definitions.
> So a thing like:
> #ifndef efi_get_irqflags
> #define efi_get_irqflags(flags) local_save_flags(flags)
> #endif
> in include/linux/efi.h cannot be overridden.
> Either I would need to introduce the definitions arm, arm64 and x86 (I
> don't think there are other arch supporting EFI right now) or I'll need
> to come up with another solution.

Would the following patch be acceptable for the EFI generic side?

If it is, I'll add it to the next iteration of this series.