Re: [PATCH] RISC-V: defconfig: Enable Generic PCIE by default

From: Paul Walmsley
Date: Fri Dec 21 2018 - 14:13:46 EST

Hello Alistair,

On Fri, 21 Dec 2018, Alistair Francis wrote:

> Enable generic PCIe by default in the RISC-V defconfig, this allows us
> to use QEMU's PCIe support out of the box. Also remove the Xilinx PCIe
> support by default as this is rarely used and conflicts with the more
> commonly used (out of tree) MicroSemi PCIe root complex.

There are many folks working on FPGAs who use the Xilinx driver.

Also, we should not remove support for an in-tree driver because an
out-of-tree driver conflicts. The right approach is to get the
out-of-tree driver upstream.

Enabling general support for PCIe in the defconfig should be fine, though.

- Paul