Why is no one discussing this anymore?

From: vsnsdualce
Date: Thu Dec 27 2018 - 15:30:42 EST

Why is no one discussing this anymore.

It's like you just accepted the "NU UH U WRONG" proclamation from programmers.

Are you idiots aware that programmers DO NOT KNOW THE LAW simply by virtue of being "smarts"?

Are you idiots aware that I am a lawyer, I have studied the law, and I do know more than the programmers on this issue (note: I'm also a programmer too... but for something useful... like games :) )

Are you idiots aware that Eben Moglen (drafter of the GPLv3 (not 2, Linux is under 2)) has NOT made good on his pledge to publish a report on how I'm wrong and let me "correct" him where he got it wrong.

Why do you think that is? That in 2 months nothing.

It's because, as a relative who's worked in the field for many decades said: he's full of shit.

Anything he publishes would just undermine the stance he's taken.

The license IS recindable at the will of the 1000s of grantors. Any one of them could shake the tree.