Re: [PATCH v6 3/6] Bluetooth: hci_qca: Fix frame reassembly errors for wcn3990

From: Balakrishna Godavarthi
Date: Fri Dec 28 2018 - 02:49:12 EST

Hi Matthias,

On 2018-12-28 01:55, Matthias Kaehlcke wrote:
On Thu, Dec 27, 2018 at 01:01:33PM +0530, Balakrishna Godavarthi wrote:
During initalization of wcn3990, we observed UART is reading some
stray bytes on the Rx line. This is logging Frame reassembly errors
on the serial console. This could be because of tristate of Tx line
of wcn3990 during boot up.

My testing suggests that this change is not needed if the Rx line of
the SoC/AP is configured with a pull-up. We'd probably all prefer not
to have this change if there's a neater way to address the garbage
data. Could you test with adding the pull-up and dropping this patch
on your side?



Thanks a lot it worked to me. will drop this patch.