A license is a temporary grant, not a transfer.

From: vnsndalce
Date: Fri Dec 28 2018 - 12:59:35 EST

If you think that rescinding the GPLv2 is possible why don't you do it :^)

You do realize that a license pertains to the licensed article, do you not?

Do you imagine that the goal is to "blanket rescind all licenses using the GPLv2 verbiage"? Is that it? Are you that stupid a lay person?

The guy who owns the property grants the license. Understand?
He can rescind that license whenever he wishes, unless you pay him not to, or he promises not to and you reasonably rely on that promise.
(did you pay for that promise? is it reasonable for you to rely on?).

Did each of the linux programmers make such a promise to you?
No they did not.
Did you pay each of the linux programmers anything.
No you did not.

They can rescind the license from you.


A license is a temporary grant, it is not a transfer.