It is my intention to inform you of your legal rights. - Yes you can rescind your code license.

From: vnsndalce
Date: Fri Dec 28 2018 - 16:49:55 EST

It is my intention to inform you of your legal rights.

A license is revocable by the property owner.
Others are suggesting to you otherwise. They are being disingenuous.

With both Linux and BSD there is no attached interest (no one paid you)
There is no detrimental reliance (you never promised anyone you would forfeit your default property rights, and they never payed you for this forfeit)

I waited two months for Eben Moglen's promised refutation. It never came.

You concoct some conspiracy theory about "trolling" because you simply do not understand
the very simple legal principals. You furthermore imagine it impossible for
a lawyer to waste his time informing you, because you see such a position
(one you did not obtain) as too lofty for any to waste their time with you.

I'm wasting my time. With you. To try to get it through your ignorant skulls
that you can rescind the grant, and that it is a partial remedy to getting thrown
out for whatever CoC is being foisted upon both the FreeBSD and Linux programmers.

Suffice to say: you are too stupid to understand that you do not know what you do not know
and that your leaders are blowing smoke up your ass in an attempt to get you to sign
a pledge against your current legal rights before you might make use of them.

That is: You are a Stupid Man. Like many of the weak twig like men in the movement.
You are little more than employees: and you accept being treated like cattle.
You accept being dominated by women, and revel in it: it is all you know.
You accept being dominated by bosses, and revel in it: it is all you know.

You also accept that you cannot take young girls as brides.
You accept that "your" wives dominate you.
You celebrate this.

You hate YHWH's law, which allows men to take girls (female children) as brides,
including in cases of rape (5th book of the law, 22nd chapter, 28th verse, in the Greek Septuagint or the Hebrew MT)

You are an enemy of the god. You are an enemy of man.
You are a friend to women, and their support groups.
You design to convert all the intellectual property of the men who created the edifice into the hands of the women and
the entrenched interests that support them.

Men who do not like this have an option: Band together as a Bloc, and rescind license to your code.

On 2018-12-28 19:10, Ralf Mardorf via freebsd-chat wrote:
On Fri, 28 Dec 2018 14:51:04 +0000 (UTC), Robbie Herb wrote:
Would it be possible to blacklist those domains? I was wondering that
from the first mail in this thread.

This is my first and last reply regarding this topic.

This troll sends this kind of spam to more mailing lists, than "just"
those BSD and the Linux kernel lists we see in the headers here. I've
noticed it at e.g. an Ubuntu mailing list, too.

At one or the other mailing list, a list admin might not maintain the
mailing list during festive season and several subscribers retrieve
mails less often than usual, so instead getting one by one, they get
tons of them at once, since an untrained spam filter can't work.

However, 1. there are lists of those and other disposable-email-domains
on git hub or similar sources available. 2. I'm not using such a list,
but after reading half of the first sentence of one of the first mails
from this spammer, a single mouse click to teach bogofilter was enough
to get rid of all following emails immediately, excepted of replies to
this malicious grinch.

It is intended by this person to do it during festive season. We need
to stand that this is an unfortunate moment to maintain spam filters
and mailing lists. It gets even more worth, if people reply to those
mindless mails. I can't understand that anybody takes the time to read
more than one sentence, let alone to reply to it.

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