Re: [PATCH v3 lora-next 5/5] net: lora: sx125x sx1301: allow radio to register as a clk provider

From: Mark Brown
Date: Mon Dec 31 2018 - 12:50:56 EST

On Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 11:55:46AM +0100, Andreas Färber wrote:
> + linux-spi, LAKML

> Given that observed symptoms were CPU stalls, workqueue hangs and RCU
> problems, requiring a power-cycle to recover, I wonder whether we are
> running into some atomic/locking issue with clk_enable()? Is it valid at
> all to use SPI/regmap for clk_enable()? If it is, is there a known issue
> specific to spi-sun6i (A64) in 4.20.0?
> I already tried setting .disable_locking = true in both regmap_configs.
> Any suggestions how to further debug?

You can't use SPI for clk_enable(), clk_enable() needs to be doable in
atomic context since we need to wait for the bus operations to complete
(you can start SPI transfers in atomic context but you still need to
wait for them to complete). Any clocks that are only accessible via a
slow bus like I2C or SPI need to do the enable/disable in the
prepare/unprepare operations which aren't done in atomic context.

regmap can be used in atomic contexts, though you need to configure it
to use spinlocks instead of mutexes and ensure that no register cache
allocations happen during I/O (eg, by providing defaults for all
registers or by not using a cache).

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