Re: (Audio/Video): The Truth about Linux GPLv2 and license recission (revocation).

From: vsnsdualce
Date: Sat Jan 05 2019 - 22:35:41 EST

Liveleak took the files down, here they are again:

So hard finding "don't need your real contact info" file hosts these days. (And "real contact info" also includes a non-proxy'd IP)

On 2019-01-04 14:43, Ivan Ivanov wrote:
Sadly your informative videos deleted (by NSA?), could you please reupload?
This could be useful for removing your source code if you disagree
with Cock of Conduct

ÐÑ, 4 ÑÐÐ. 2019 Ð. Ð 16:04, <vsnsdualce@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Information regarding the rights of the linux programmers, regarding
rescission (revocation) of their granted license to use their code.


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