Fwd: [BUG] v4.20 - bridge not getting DHCP responses? (works in 4.19.13)

From: Ian Kumlien
Date: Sun Jan 06 2019 - 17:22:06 EST

[Sorry for the repost, screwed up the netdev address...]


Switching from 4.19.x -> 4.20 resulted in DHCP not working for my VM:s.

My firewall (which also runs the dhcpd) runs VM:s and it does this by
having physical
interfaces attached to bridges - which the VM:s in turn attach to.

Since 4.20 the VM:s can't use DHCP, it's odd since the requests are
seen - a response is sent but
it never enters the interface attached to the bridge.

VM vnet2: -> br0 -> eno2 -> switch -> eno1 (dhcpd)
dhcpd eno1 -> siwtch and... gone.

Any clues?

All the nics are handled by ixgbe