Date: Mon Jan 07 2019 - 16:43:51 EST


HI, I am sure you will be surprised you are receiving this but I am sure this is as a result of a few minutes enjoyment you had on the internet sometimes ago. That got you into a lot of trouble because my spyware caught your software. I caught online through my OS the very day you went on an adult pornography site. also, I have your family and friends contacts linked to my OS automatically which means I can go ahead and send them your stuffs while you masturbating on this very day.

well, not to worry I can delete the contents of mine but not until I receive a payment of 999 US dollars Bitcoin in my wallet address

I will receive your payments confirmation immediately you make the payment because It is meant for you alone.
DO NOT try to act smart as Any attempt to run away from this would be harmful to your dignity out there. if you need proof, reply this with PROOF and I will send the nudes of you to your loved ones.