Re: [patch 8/9] tools: bpftool: Cleanup license mess

From: Alexei Starovoitov
Date: Fri Jan 18 2019 - 18:28:59 EST

On Fri, Jan 18, 2019 at 12:14:24AM +0100, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> Precise and non-ambiguous license information is important. The recent
> relicensing of the bpftools introduced a license conflict.
> The files have now:
> SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0-only OR BSD-2-Clause
> and
> * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
> * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
> * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
> * 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version
> Amazingly about 20 people acked that change and neither they nor the
> committer noticed. Oh well.
> Digging deeper: The files were imported from the iproute2 repository with
> the GPL V2 or later boiler plate text in commit b66e907cfee2 ("tools:
> bpftool: copy JSON writer from iproute2 repository")
> Looking at the iproute2 repository at
> git://
> the following commit is the equivivalent:
> commit d9d8c839 ("json_writer: add SPDX Identifier (GPL-2/BSD-2)")
> That commit explicitly removes the boiler plate and relicenses the code
> uner GPL-2.0-only and BSD-2-Clause. As Steven wrote the original code and
> also the relicensing commit, it's assumed that the relicensing was intended
> to do exaclty that. Just the kernel side update failed to remove the boiler
> plate. Do so now.
> Fixes: 907b22365115 ("tools: bpftool: dual license all files")
> Signed-off-by: Thomas Gleixner <tglx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Jakub Kicinski <jakub.kicinski@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Roman Gushchin <guro@xxxxxx>
> Cc: YueHaibing <yuehaibing@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Yonghong Song <yhs@xxxxxx>
> Cc: Stanislav Fomichev <sdf@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Sean Young <sean@xxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Jiri Benc <jbenc@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: David Calavera <david.calavera@xxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Andrey Ignatov <rdna@xxxxxx>
> Cc: Joe Stringer <joe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: David Ahern <dsahern@xxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Alexei Starovoitov <alexei.starovoitov@xxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Petar Penkov <ppenkov@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Sandipan Das <sandipan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Prashant Bhole <bhole_prashant_q7@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Stephen Hemminger <stephen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: John Fastabend <john.fastabend@xxxxxxxxx>
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> Cc: Quentin Monnet <quentin.monnet@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> CC: okash.khawaja@xxxxxxxxx
> Cc: netdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> ---
> P.S.: This patch is part of a larger cleanup, but independent of other
> patches and is intended to be picked up by the maintainer directly.

Applied this patch to bpf tree.
Sorry about this mess.