RE: [PATCH 1/1] irqchip: gpcv2: make config option visible

From: Aisheng Dong
Date: Tue Jan 22 2019 - 06:04:55 EST

> From: Marc Zyngier [mailto:marc.zyngier@xxxxxxx]
> Sent: Friday, January 18, 2019 6:10 PM
> >>>
> >>> config IMX_GPCV2
> >>> - bool
> >>> + bool "i.MX GPCv2 IRQ chip"
> >>> + depends on ARCH_MXC || (COMPILE_TEST && OF)
> >>> select IRQ_DOMAIN
> >>> help
> >>> Enables the wakeup IRQs for IMX platforms with GPCv2 block
> >>>
> >>
> >> How does it help exactly? It is pretty difficult for a user to know
> >> exactly what they need. I'd rather see it selected by ARCH_MXC, which
> >> makes it
> >
> > ARM64 SoC maintainers suggest not add more driver specific options
> > except an Generic ARCH option.
> >
> > As GPCv2 is also used in MX8MQ. So we may select it in armv8 defconfig.
> > If this option is invisible, we can't select it.
> And conversely, users have no idea of what letter soup they have to select to
> make their HW work properly. Selecting the driver when the platform is
> supposed to be supported is the right way to solve this problem.

I think the problem is that we have no platform specific CONFIGs for arm v8 platforms.
We have only one CONFIG_ARCH_MXC for all MX8 SoCs, e.g. mx8qxp, mx8mq...
Only MX8MQ needs to use GPCv2. Selecting GPCv2 under ARCH_MXC means users
have no chance to disable it for mx8qxp which does not need it.

We probably could introduce SOC option under drivers/soc/ to do the default configs
selection. But we've already handled all other driver selections in defconfig
e.g. firmware, clk, pinctrl, power domain and etc.
Not sure whether GPCv2 should be an exception.

Dong Aisheng

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