[PATCH v2 0/9] Ingenic JZ4780 NAND patchset v2

From: Paul Cercueil
Date: Sat Feb 02 2019 - 18:19:59 EST


As requested by Boris, I added a patch to move all the Ingenic NAND
drivers to their own directory.

In this V2 I added support for the JZ4740 SoC. The combo of the
jz4780-nemc, jz4780-nand and jz4740-bch now obsolete the old and dusty
jz4740-nand driver.

To support the only upstream JZ4740-based board we have, the Ben
Nanonote, I added an option to specify the OOB layout of that device
from a device property string.

Finally, I dropped the last two patches that moved the platform NAND
code to devicetree; I will upstream them as part of a different