Re: [RFC PATCH] leds: multicolor: Add sysfs interface definition

From: Vesa JÃÃskelÃinen
Date: Fri Feb 08 2019 - 00:09:30 EST

Hi All,

On 08/02/2019 6.55, Vesa JÃÃskelÃinen wrote:
Hi All,

On 31/01/2019 0.35, Pavel Machek wrote:
On Wed 2019-01-30 12:30:05, Dan Murphy wrote:
Add a documentation of LED Multicolor LED class specific
sysfs attributes.

No, sorry. This does not most of the requirements.


Requirements for RGB LED interface:


I have tried to capture relevant parts of ideas and requirements and usage in a wiki page in github:

I believe the discussion is good to perform in mailing list -- I am happy to update or give you access to update the wiki so we could have easy to use summary/details source during discussions.

Ideas on the interface seem to be a bit drifting so I apologize if some of Your ideas were not captured.

There has been at least two direct proposals for userspace interface and I tried to provide usage example also for Dan's proposal. Feel free to correct me if I made a mistake.

I believe it is a good to create summary page as there seems to many aspects to be though out. What do you feel on this approach?

And should we perhaps move this discussion only to linux-leds mailing list for successive replies :) ? So we don't generate too broad traffic.

Vesa JÃÃskelÃinen