Re: [PATCH v8 0/8] Introduce the for_each_set_clump8 macro

From: Andy Shevchenko
Date: Fri Feb 08 2019 - 11:39:17 EST

On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 05:07:34PM -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Jan 2019 15:19:17 +0900 William Breathitt Gray <vilhelm.gray@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It's a shame that it doesn't actually dercease the kernel line count,
> but there are other benefits.
> The patches are missing the hoped-for acks, but I think you maintain
> most/all of those drivers.

I'm okay with the code as well, so,
Reviewed-by: Andy Shevchenko <andriy.shevchenko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Do we have any expectation that these facilities will be used by
> anything other than GPIO? If not then perhaps they should be sited
> within drivers/gpio (presumably as a standalone module) until such a
> need is found?

I think I have an example out of GPIO realm. But I need time to prove that.
In any case I tend to bend to the generic exposure than to local one.

With Best Regards,
Andy Shevchenko