Re: [Breakage] Git v2.21.0-rc0 - t5318 (NonStop)

From: Jeff King
Date: Fri Feb 08 2019 - 14:15:23 EST

On Fri, Feb 08, 2019 at 01:47:04PM -0500, Randall S. Becker wrote:

> > Though I suspect we may be able to just find a solution that works
> > everywhere, without having two different implementations. If we know we
> > need $count bytes for dd, we could probably just generate a file with that
> > many NULs in it.
> For this, we could use truncate -s count file instead of dd to get a
> fixed size file of nulls. This would remove the need for /dev/zero in
> t5318 (the patch below probably will wrap badly in my mailer so I can
> submit a real patch separately.

I don't think "truncate" is portable, though.

> > Other cases don't seem to actually care that they're getting NULs, and are
> > just redirecting stdin from /dev/zero to get an infinite amount of input. They
> > could probably use "yes" for that.
> What about reading from /dev/null?

That would yield zero bytes, not an infinite number of them.