Re: [PATCH 2/2] staging/vboxvideo: Add TODO

From: Hans de Goede
Date: Wed Feb 13 2019 - 17:18:22 EST


On 13-02-19 19:46, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
Hi Hans

Which bring me back to a question asked a week ago or so.
What is missing before we can move vboxvideo out of staging/

I think it boils down to someone needs to submit it and we'll take a look.

Right, I have this on my TODO, but I did not manage to find time for this
the past few weeks. I expect to have time for this in a couple of weeks
from now, which means the move will miss the 5.1 merge window.

Note you (Sam) are certainly welcome to submit a patch doing the move
yourself, I can certainly use some help with maintaining vboxvideo.

I have not tried to submit patches to move vboxvideo out of staging.
Partially due to lack of time, mostly lack of competence to
follow-up on the review comments I hope we will see.
I am perfectly happy to do trivial stuff, but when someone ask
to replace the use of ttm with shmem+gem (example - I do not
know if this is a relevant comment), then it is above
me for the moment.
And on top of this then I lack a good testing environment.

I could do it but then anything difficult would just be added
to a TODO file, and then I dunno how useful it is.
Something to consider when we are past the merge window anyway.

Ok, I will try to submit a patch doing the move myself soon.