[ANNOUNCE] Git v2.21.0-rc1

From: Junio C Hamano
Date: Wed Feb 13 2019 - 22:33:01 EST

A release candidate Git v2.21.0-rc1 is now available for testing
at the usual places. It is comprised of 464 non-merge commits
since v2.20.0, contributed by 60 people, 14 of which are new faces.

The tarballs are found at:


The following public repositories all have a copy of the
'v2.21.0-rc1' tag and the 'master' branch that the tag points at:

url = https://kernel.googlesource.com/pub/scm/git/git
url = git://repo.or.cz/alt-git.git
url = https://github.com/gitster/git

New contributors whose contributions weren't in v2.20.0 are as follows.
Welcome to the Git development community!

Arti Zirk, Brandon Richardson, Chayoung You, Denis Ovsienko,
Erin Dahlgren, Force Charlie, Frank Dana, Issac Trotts, Katrin
Leinweber, Laura Abbott, Patrick Hogg, Peter Osterlund, Shahzad
Lone, and Slavica Djukic.

Returning contributors who helped this release are as follows.
Thanks for your continued support.

Ãvar ArnfjÃrà Bjarmason, Ben Peart, Brandon Williams, brian
m. carlson, Carlo Marcelo Arenas BelÃn, Christian Couder,
David Turner, Derrick Stolee, Elijah Newren, Eric Sunshine,
Eric Wong, Jean-NoÃl Avila, Jeff King, Johannes Schindelin,
Jonathan Nieder, Jonathan Tan, Josh Steadmon, Junio C Hamano,
Kevin Daudt, Kim Gybels, Kyle Meyer, Linus Torvalds, Luke
Diamand, Martin Ãgren, Masaya Suzuki, Matthew DeVore, Matthieu
Moy, Max Kirillov, Nguyán ThÃi Ngác Duy, Olga Telezhnaya,
Orgad Shaneh, Phillip Wood, Pranit Bauva, Ramsay Jones,
Randall S. Becker, Renà Scharfe, Sebastian Staudt, Sergey
Organov, Stefan Beller, Stephen P. Smith, Sven van Haastregt,
SZEDER GÃbor, Thomas Braun, Thomas Gummerer, Todd Zullinger,
and Torsten BÃgershausen.


Git 2.21 Release Notes (draft)

Backward Compatibility Notes

* Historically, the "-m" (mainline) option can only be used for "git
cherry-pick" and "git revert" when working with a merge commit.
This version of Git no longer warns or errors out when working with
a single-parent commit, as long as the argument to the "-m" option
is 1 (i.e. it has only one parent, and the request is to pick or
revert relative to that first parent). Scripts that relied on the
behaviour may get broken with this change.

Updates since v2.20

UI, Workflows & Features

* The "http.version" configuration variable can be used with recent
enough versions of cURL library to force the version of HTTP used
to talk when fetching and pushing.

* Small fixes and features for fast-export and fast-import, mostly on
the fast-export side has been made.

* "git push $there $src:$dst" rejects when $dst is not a fully
qualified refname and it is not clear what the end user meant. The
codepath has been taught to give a clearer error message, and also
guess where the push should go by taking the type of the pushed
object into account (e.g. a tag object would want to go under

* "git checkout [<tree-ish>] path..." learned to report the number of
paths that have been checked out of the index or the tree-ish,
which gives it the same degree of noisy-ness as the case in which
the command checks out a branch. "git checkout -m <pathspec>" to
undo conflict resolution gives a similar message.

* "git quiltimport" learned "--keep-non-patch" option.

* "git worktree remove" and "git worktree move" refused to work when
there is a submodule involved. This has been loosened to ignore
uninitialized submodules.

* "git cherry-pick -m1" was forbidden when picking a non-merge
commit, even though there _is_ parent number 1 for such a commit.
This was done to avoid mistakes back when "cherry-pick" was about
picking a single commit, but is no longer useful with "cherry-pick"
that can pick a range of commits. Now the "-m$num" option is
allowed when picking any commit, as long as $num names an existing
parent of the commit.

* Update "git multimail" from the upstream.

* "git p4" update.

* The "--format=<placeholder>" option of for-each-ref, branch and tag
learned to show a few more traits of objects that can be learned by
the object_info API.

* "git rebase -i" learned to re-execute a command given with 'exec'
to run after it failed the last time.

* "git diff --color-moved-ws" updates.

* Custom userformat "log --format" learned %S atom that stands for
the tip the traversal reached the commit from, i.e. --source.

* "git instaweb" learned to drive http.server that comes with
"batteries included" Python installation (both Python2 & 3).

* A new encoding UTF-16LE-BOM has been invented to force encoding to
UTF-16 with BOM in little endian byte order, which cannot be directly
generated by using iconv.

* A new date format "--date=human" that morphs its output depending
on how far the time is from the current time has been introduced.
"--date=auto:human" can be used to use this new format (or any
existing format) when the output is going to the pager or to the
terminal, and otherwise the default format.

Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.

* Code clean-up with optimization for the codepath that checks
(non-)existence of loose objects.

* More codepaths have become aware of working with in-core repository
instances other than the default "the_repository".

* The "strncat()" function is now among the banned functions.

* Portability updates for the HPE NonStop platform.

* Earlier we added "-Wformat-security" to developer builds, assuming
that "-Wall" (which includes "-Wformat" which in turn is required
to use "-Wformat-security") is always in effect. This is not true
when config.mak.autogen is in use, unfortunately. This has been
fixed by unconditionally adding "-Wall" to developer builds.

* The loose object cache used to optimize existence look-up has been

* Flaky tests can now be repeatedly run under load with the
"--stress" option.

* Documentation/Makefile is getting prepared for manpage

* "git fetch-pack" now can talk the version 2 protocol.

* sha-256 hash has been added and plumbed through the code to allow
building Git with the "NewHash".

* Debugging help for http transport.

* "git fetch --deepen=<more>" has been corrected to work over v2

* The code to walk tree objects has been taught that we may be
working with object names that are not computed with SHA-1.

* The in-core repository instances are passed through more codepaths.

* Update the protocol message specification to allow only the limited
use of scaled quantities. This is to ensure potential compatibility
issues will not get out of hand.

* Micro-optimize the code that prepares commit objects to be walked
by "git rev-list" when the commit-graph is available.

* "git fetch" and "git upload-pack" learned to send all exchanges over
the sideband channel while talking the v2 protocol.

* The codepath to write out commit-graph has been optimized by
following the usual pattern of visiting objects in in-pack order.

* The codepath to show progress meter while writing out commit-graph
file has been improved.

* Cocci rules have been updated to encourage use of strbuf_addbuf().

* "git rebase --merge" has been reimplemented by reusing the internal
machinery used for "git rebase -i".

* More code in "git bisect" has been rewritten in C.

* Instead of going through "git-rebase--am" scriptlet to use the "am"
backend, the built-in version of "git rebase" learned to drive the
"am" backend directly.

* The assumption to work on the single "in-core index" instance has
been reduced from the library-ish part of the codebase.

* The test lint learned to catch non-portable "sed" options.

* "git pack-objects" learned another algorithm to compute the set of
objects to send, that trades the resulting packfile off to save
traversal cost to favor small pushes.

* The travis CI scripts have been corrected to build Git with the
compiler(s) of our choice.

* "git submodule update" learned to abort early when core.worktree
for the submodule is not set correctly to prevent spreading damage.

* Test suite has been adjusted to run on Azure Pipeline.

* Running "Documentation/doc-diff x" from anywhere other than the
top-level of the working tree did not show the usage string
correctly, which has been fixed.

* Use of the sparse tool got easier to customize from the command
line to help developers.

* A new target "coverage-prove" to run the coverage test under
"prove" has been added.

* A flakey "p4" test has been removed.

* The code and tests assume that the system supplied iconv() would
always use BOM in its output when asked to encode to UTF-16 (or
UTF-32), but apparently some implementations output big-endian
without BOM. A compile-time knob has been added to help such
systems (e.g. NonStop) to add BOM to the output to increase

Fixes since v2.20

* Updates for corner cases in merge-recursive.
(merge cc4cb0902c en/merge-path-collision later to maint).

* "git checkout frotz" (without any double-dash) avoids ambiguity by
making sure 'frotz' cannot be interpreted as a revision and as a
path at the same time. This safety has been updated to check also
a unique remote-tracking branch 'frotz' in a remote, when dwimming
to create a local branch 'frotz' out of a remote-tracking branch
'frotz' from a remote.
(merge be4908f103 nd/checkout-dwim-fix later to maint).

* Refspecs configured with "git -c var=val clone" did not propagate
to the resulting repository, which has been corrected.
(merge 7eae4a3ac4 sg/clone-initial-fetch-configuration later to maint).

* A properly configured username/email is required under
user.useConfigOnly in order to create commits; now "git stash"
(even though it creates commit objects to represent stash entries)
command is exempt from the requirement.
(merge 3bc2111fc2 sd/stash-wo-user-name later to maint).

* The http-backend CGI process did not correctly clean up the child
processes it spawns to run upload-pack etc. when it dies itself,
which has been corrected.
(merge 02818a98d7 mk/http-backend-kill-children-before-exit later to maint).

* "git rev-list --exclude-promisor-objects" had to take an object
that does not exist locally (and is lazily available) from the
command line without barfing, but the code dereferenced NULL.
(merge 4cf67869b2 md/list-lazy-objects-fix later to maint).

* The traversal over tree objects has learned to honor
":(attr:label)" pathspec match, which has been implemented only for
enumerating paths on the filesystem.
(merge 5a0b97b34c nd/attr-pathspec-in-tree-walk later to maint).

* BSD port updates.
(merge 4e3ecbd439 cb/openbsd-allows-reading-directory later to maint).
(merge b6bdc2a0f5 cb/t5004-empty-tar-archive-fix later to maint).
(merge 82cbc8cde2 cb/test-lint-cp-a later to maint).

* Lines that begin with a certain keyword that come over the wire, as
well as lines that consist only of one of these keywords, ought to
be painted in color for easier eyeballing, but the latter was
broken ever since the feature was introduced in 2.19, which has
been corrected.
(merge 1f67290450 hn/highlight-sideband-keywords later to maint).

* "git log -G<regex>" looked for a hunk in the "git log -p" patch
output that contained a string that matches the given pattern.
Optimize this code to ignore binary files, which by default will
not show any hunk that would match any pattern (unless textconv or
the --text option is in effect, that is).
(merge e0e7cb8080 tb/log-G-binary later to maint).

* "git submodule update" ought to use a single job unless asked, but
by mistake used multiple jobs, which has been fixed.
(merge e3a9d1aca9 sb/submodule-fetchjobs-default-to-one later to maint).

* "git stripspace" should be usable outside a git repository, but
under the "-s" or "-c" mode, it didn't.
(merge 957da75802 jn/stripspace-wo-repository later to maint).

* Some of the documentation pages formatted incorrectly with
Asciidoctor, which have been fixed.
(merge b62eb1d2f4 ma/asciidoctor later to maint).

* The core.worktree setting in a submodule repository should not be
pointing at a directory when the submodule loses its working tree
(e.g. getting deinit'ed), but the code did not properly maintain
this invariant.

* With zsh, "git cmd path<TAB>" was completed to "git cmd path name"
when the completed path has a special character like SP in it,
without any attempt to keep "path name" a single filename. This
has been fixed to complete it to "git cmd path\ name" just like
Bash completion does.

* The test suite tried to see if it is run under bash, but the check
itself failed under some other implementations of shell (notably
under NetBSD). This has been corrected.
(merge 54ea72f09c sg/test-bash-version-fix later to maint).

* "git gc" and "git repack" did not close the open packfiles that
they found unneeded before removing them, which didn't work on a
platform incapable of removing an open file. This has been
(merge 5bdece0d70 js/gc-repack-close-before-remove later to maint).

* The code to drive GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF command relied on the string
returned from getenv() to be non-volatile, which is not true, that
has been corrected.
(merge 6776a84dae kg/external-diff-save-env later to maint).

* There were many places the code relied on the string returned from
getenv() to be non-volatile, which is not true, that have been
(merge 0da0e9268b jk/save-getenv-result later to maint).

* The v2 upload-pack protocol implementation failed to honor
hidden-ref configuration, which has been corrected.
(merge e20b4192a3 jk/proto-v2-hidden-refs-fix later to maint).

* "git fetch --recurse-submodules" may not fetch the necessary commit
that is bound to the superproject, which is getting corrected.
(merge be76c21282 sb/submodule-recursive-fetch-gets-the-tip later to maint).

* "git rebase" internally runs "checkout" to switch between branches,
and the command used to call the post-checkout hook, but the
reimplementation stopped doing so, which is getting fixed.

* "git add -e" got confused when the change it wants to let the user
edit is smaller than the previous change that was left over in a
temporary file.
(merge fa6f225e01 js/add-e-clear-patch-before-stating later to maint).

* "git p4" failed to update a shelved change when there were moved
files, which has been corrected.
(merge 7a10946ab9 ld/git-p4-shelve-update-fix later to maint).

* The codepath to read from the commit-graph file attempted to read
past the end of it when the file's table-of-contents was corrupt.

* The compat/obstack code had casts that -Wcast-function-type
compilation option found questionable.
(merge 764473d257 sg/obstack-cast-function-type-fix later to maint).

* An obvious typo in an assertion error message has been fixed.
(merge 3c27e2e059 cc/test-ref-store-typofix later to maint).

* In Git for Windows, "git clone \\server\share\path" etc. that uses
UNC paths from command line had bad interaction with its shell

* "git add --ignore-errors" did not work as advertised and instead
worked as an unintended synonym for "git add --renormalize", which
has been fixed.
(merge e2c2a37545 jk/add-ignore-errors-bit-assignment-fix later to maint).

* On a case-insensitive filesystem, we failed to compare the part of
the path that is above the worktree directory in an absolute
pathname, which has been corrected.

* Asking "git check-attr" about a macro (e.g. "binary") on a specific
path did not work correctly, even though "git check-attr -a" listed
such a macro correctly. This has been corrected.
(merge 7b95849be4 jk/attr-macro-fix later to maint).

* "git pack-objects" incorrectly used uninitialized mutex, which has
been corrected.
(merge edb673cf10 ph/pack-objects-mutex-fix later to maint).

* "git checkout -b <new> [HEAD]" to create a new branch from the
current commit and check it out ought to be a no-op in the index
and the working tree in normal cases, but there are corner cases
that do require updates to the index and the working tree. Running
it immediately after "git clone --no-checkout" is one of these
cases that an earlier optimization kicked in incorrectly, which has
been fixed.
(merge 8424bfd45b bp/checkout-new-branch-optim later to maint).

* "git diff --color-moved --cc --stat -p" did not work well due to
funny interaction between a bug in color-moved and the rest, which
has been fixed.
(merge dac03b5518 jk/diff-cc-stat-fixes later to maint).

* When GIT_SEQUENCE_EDITOR is set, the command was incorrectly
started when modes of "git rebase" that implicitly uses the
machinery for the interactive rebase are run, which has been
(merge 891d4a0313 pw/no-editor-in-rebase-i-implicit later to maint).

* The commit-graph facility did not work when in-core objects that
are promoted from unknown type to commit (e.g. a commit that is
accessed via a tag that refers to it) were involved, which has been
(merge 4468d4435c sg/object-as-type-commit-graph-fix later to maint).

* "git fetch" output cleanup.
(merge dc40b24df4 nd/fetch-compact-update later to maint).

* "git cat-file --batch" reported a dangling symbolic link by
mistake, when it wanted to report that a given name is ambiguous.

* Documentation around core.crlf has been updated.
(merge c9446f0504 jk/autocrlf-overrides-eol-doc later to maint).

* The documentation of "git commit-tree" said that the command
understands "--gpg-sign" in addition to "-S", but the command line
parser did not know about the longhand, which has been corrected.

* "git rebase -x $cmd" did not reject multi-line command, even though
the command is incapable of handling such a command. It now is
rejected upfront.
(merge c762aada1a pw/rebase-x-sanity-check later to maint).

* Output from "git help" was not correctly aligned, which has been
(merge 6195a76da4 nd/help-align-command-desc later to maint).

* The "git submodule summary" subcommand showed shortened commit
object names by mechanically truncating them at 7-hexdigit, which
has been improved to let "rev-parse --short" scale the length of
the abbreviation with the size of the repository.
(merge 0586a438f6 sh/submodule-summary-abbrev-fix later to maint).

* The way the OSX build jobs updates its build environment used the
"--quiet" option to "brew update" command, but it wasn't all that
quiet to be useful. The use of the option has been replaced with
an explicit redirection to the /dev/null (which incidentally would
have worked around a breakage by recent updates to homebrew, which
has fixed itself already).
(merge a1ccaedd62 sg/travis-osx-brew-breakage-workaround later to maint).

* "git --work-tree=$there --git-dir=$here describe --dirty" did not
work correctly as it did not pay attention to the location of the
worktree specified by the user by mistake, which has been
(merge c801170b0c ss/describe-dirty-in-the-right-directory later to maint).

* "git fetch" over protocol v2 that needs to make a second connection
to backfill tags did not clear a variable that holds shallow
repository information correctly, leading to an access of freed
piece of memory.

* Some errors from the other side coming over smart HTTP transport
were not noticed, which has been corrected.

* Code cleanup, docfix, build fix, etc.
(merge 89ba9a79ae hb/t0061-dot-in-path-fix later to maint).
(merge d173e799ea sb/diff-color-moved-config-option-fixup later to maint).
(merge a8f5a59067 en/directory-renames-nothanks-doc-update later to maint).
(merge ec36c42a63 nd/indentation-fix later to maint).
(merge f116ee21cd do/gitweb-strict-export-conf-doc later to maint).
(merge 112ea42663 fd/gitweb-snapshot-conf-doc-fix later to maint).
(merge 1cadad6f65 tb/use-common-win32-pathfuncs-on-cygwin later to maint).
(merge 57e9dcaa65 km/rebase-doc-typofix later to maint).
(merge b8b4cb27e6 ds/gc-doc-typofix later to maint).
(merge 3b3357626e nd/style-opening-brace later to maint).
(merge b4583d5595 es/doc-worktree-guessremote-config later to maint).
(merge cce99cd8c6 ds/commit-graph-assert-missing-parents later to maint).
(merge 0650614982 cy/completion-typofix later to maint).
(merge 6881925ef5 rs/sha1-file-close-mapped-file-on-error later to maint).
(merge bd8d6f0def en/show-ref-doc-fix later to maint).
(merge 1747125e2c cc/partial-clone-doc-typofix later to maint).
(merge e01378753d cc/fetch-error-message-fix later to maint).
(merge 54e8c11215 jk/remote-insteadof-cleanup later to maint).
(merge d609615f48 js/test-git-installed later to maint).
(merge ba170517be ja/doc-style-fix later to maint).
(merge 86fb1c4e77 km/init-doc-typofix later to maint).
(merge 5cfd4a9d10 nd/commit-doc later to maint).
(merge 9fce19a431 ab/diff-tree-doc-fix later to maint).
(merge 2e285e7803 tz/gpg-test-fix later to maint).
(merge 5427de960b kl/pretty-doc-markup-fix later to maint).
(merge 3815f64b0d js/mingw-host-cpu later to maint).
(merge 5fe81438b5 rj/sequencer-sign-off-header-static later to maint).
(merge 18a4f6be6b nd/fileno-may-be-macro later to maint).
(merge 99e9ab54ab kd/t0028-octal-del-is-377-not-777 later to maint).


Changes since v2.20.0 are as follows:

Arti Zirk (1):
git-instaweb: add Python builtin http.server support

Ben Peart (2):
checkout: add test demonstrating regression with checkout -b on initial commit
checkout: fix regression in checkout -b on intitial checkout

Brandon Richardson (1):
commit-tree: add missing --gpg-sign flag

Brandon Williams (1):
mailmap: update brandon williams's email address

Carlo Marcelo Arenas BelÃn (4):
t6036: avoid non-portable "cp -a"
tests: add lint for non portable cp -a
t5004: avoid using tar for empty packages
config.mak.uname: OpenBSD uses BSD semantics with fread for directories

Chayoung You (3):
zsh: complete unquoted paths with spaces correctly
completion: treat results of git ls-tree as file paths
completion: fix typo in git-completion.bash

Christian Couder (3):
fetch: fix extensions.partialclone name in error message
partial-clone: add missing 'is' in doc
helper/test-ref-store: fix "new-sha1" vs "old-sha1" typo

David Turner (1):
Do not print 'dangling' for cat-file in case of ambiguity

Denis Ovsienko (1):
docs: fix $strict_export text in gitweb.conf.txt

Derrick Stolee (10):
merge-recursive: combine error handling
.gitattributes: ensure t/oid-info/* has eol=lf
commit-graph: writing missing parents is a BUG
git-gc.txt: fix typo about gc.writeCommitGraph
revision: add mark_tree_uninteresting_sparse
list-objects: consume sparse tree walk
revision: implement sparse algorithm
pack-objects: create pack.useSparse setting
pack-objects: create GIT_TEST_PACK_SPARSE
Makefile: add coverage-prove target

Elijah Newren (30):
t6042: add tests for consistency in file collision conflict handling
t6036, t6042: testcases for rename collision of already conflicting files
merge-recursive: increase marker length with depth of recursion
merge-recursive: new function for better colliding conflict resolutions
merge-recursive: fix rename/add conflict handling
merge-recursive: improve handling for rename/rename(2to1) conflicts
merge-recursive: use handle_file_collision for add/add conflicts
merge-recursive: improve rename/rename(1to2)/add[/add] handling
t6036, t6043: increase code coverage for file collision handling
fast-export: convert sha1 to oid
git-fast-import.txt: fix documentation for --quiet option
git-fast-export.txt: clarify misleading documentation about rev-list args
fast-export: use value from correct enum
fast-export: avoid dying when filtering by paths and old tags exist
fast-export: move commit rewriting logic into a function for reuse
fast-export: when using paths, avoid corrupt stream with non-existent mark
fast-export: ensure we export requested refs
fast-export: add --reference-excluded-parents option
fast-import: remove unmaintained duplicate documentation
fast-export: add a --show-original-ids option to show original names
git-rebase.txt: update note about directory rename detection and am
rebase: make builtin and legacy script error messages the same
rebase: fix incompatible options error message
t5407: add a test demonstrating how interactive handles --skip differently
am, rebase--merge: do not overlook --skip'ed commits with post-rewrite
git-rebase, sequencer: extend --quiet option for the interactive machinery
git-legacy-rebase: simplify unnecessary triply-nested if
rebase: define linearization ordering and enforce it
rebase: implement --merge via the interactive machinery
git-show-ref.txt: fix order of flags

Eric Sunshine (1):
doc/config: do a better job of introducing 'worktree.guessRemote'

Eric Wong (2):
banned.h: mark strncat() as banned
t1512: test ambiguous cat-file --batch and --batch-output

Erin Dahlgren (1):
Simplify handling of setup_git_directory_gently() failure cases.

Force Charlie (1):
http: add support selecting http version

Frank Dana (1):
docs/gitweb.conf: config variable typo

Issac Trotts (1):
log: add %S option (like --source) to log --format

Jean-NoÃl Avila (3):
Documentation/Makefile add optional targets for l10n
doc: tidy asciidoc style
Fix typos in translatable strings for v2.21.0

Jeff King (54):
fsck: do not reuse child_process structs
submodule--helper: prefer strip_suffix() to ends_with()
rename "alternate_object_database" to "object_directory"
sha1_file_name(): overwrite buffer instead of appending
handle alternates paths the same as the main object dir
sha1-file: use an object_directory for the main object dir
object-store: provide helpers for loose_objects_cache
sha1-file: use loose object cache for quick existence check
fetch-pack: drop custom loose object cache
odb_load_loose_cache: fix strbuf leak
transport-helper: drop read/write errno checks
sha1-file: fix outdated sha1 comment references
update comment references to sha1_object_info()
http: use struct object_id instead of bare sha1
sha1-file: modernize loose object file functions
sha1-file: modernize loose header/stream functions
sha1-file: convert pass-through functions to object_id
convert has_sha1_file() callers to has_object_file()
sha1-file: drop has_sha1_file()
sha1-file: prefer "loose object file" to "sha1 file" in messages
sha1-file: avoid "sha1 file" for generic use in messages
prefer "hash mismatch" to "sha1 mismatch"
upload-pack: support hidden refs with protocol v2
remote: check config validity before creating rewrite struct
get_super_prefix(): copy getenv() result
commit: copy saved getenv() result
config: make a copy of $GIT_CONFIG string
init: make a copy of $GIT_DIR string
merge-recursive: copy $GITHEAD strings
builtin_diff(): read $GIT_DIFF_OPTS closer to use
add: use separate ADD_CACHE_RENORMALIZE flag
attr: do not mark queried macros as unset
t4006: resurrect commented-out tests
diff: clear emitted_symbols flag after use
combine-diff: factor out stat-format mask
combine-diff: treat --shortstat like --stat
combine-diff: treat --summary like --stat
combine-diff: treat --dirstat like --stat
match-trees: drop unused path parameter from score functions
apply: drop unused "def" parameter from find_name_gnu()
create_bundle(): drop unused "header" parameter
column: drop unused "opts" parameter in item_length()
show_date_relative(): drop unused "tz" parameter
config: drop unused parameter from maybe_remove_section()
convert: drop len parameter from conversion checks
convert: drop path parameter from actual conversion functions
doc/gitattributes: clarify "autocrlf overrides eol"
docs/config: clarify "text property" in core.eol
test-date: drop unused parameter to getnanos()
remote-curl: refactor smart-http discovery
remote-curl: tighten "version 2" check for smart-http
add_to_index(): convert forgotten HASH_RENORMALIZE check
RelNotes/2.21: tweak "--date=auto" mention
RelNotes/2.21: misc typo/English fixups

Johannes Schindelin (43):
rebase: introduce --reschedule-failed-exec
rebase: add a config option to default to --reschedule-failed-exec
rebase: introduce a shortcut for --reschedule-failed-exec
help.h: fix coding style
help -a: handle aliases with long names gracefully
t4256: mark support files as LF-only
t9902: 'send-email' test case requires PERL
gc/repack: release packs when needed
add --edit: truncate the patch file
t6042: work around speed optimization on Windows
abspath_part_inside_repo: respect core.ignoreCase
rebase: move `reset_head()` into a better spot
rebase: avoid double reflog entry when switching branches
rebase: teach `reset_head()` to optionally skip the worktree
built-in rebase: call `git am` directly
mingw (t5580): document bug when cloning from backslashed UNC paths
mingw: special-case arguments to `sh`
tests: explicitly use `test-tool.exe` on Windows
travis: fix skipping tagged releases
ci: rename the library of common functions
ci/lib.sh: encapsulate Travis-specific things
ci: inherit --jobs via MAKEFLAGS in run-build-and-tests
ci: use a junction on Windows instead of a symlink
test-date: add a subcommand to measure times in shell scripts
tests: optionally write results as JUnit-style .xml
ci/lib.sh: add support for Azure Pipelines
Add a build definition for Azure DevOps
ci: add a Windows job to the Azure Pipelines definition
ci: use git-sdk-64-minimal build artifact
mingw: be more generous when wrapping up the setitimer() emulation
README: add a build badge (status of the Azure Pipelines build)
tests: avoid calling Perl just to determine file sizes
tests: include detailed trace logs with --write-junit-xml upon failure
mingw: try to work around issues with the test cleanup
tests: add t/helper/ to the PATH with --with-dashes
t0061: workaround issues with --with-dashes and RUNTIME_PREFIX
tests: optionally skip bin-wrappers/
ci: speed up Windows phase
ci: parallelize testing on Windows
Revert "rebase: introduce a shortcut for --reschedule-failed-exec"
mingw: fix CPU reporting in `git version --build-options`
.mailmap: map Clemens Buchacher's mail addresses
mingw: use a more canonical method to fix the CPU reporting

Jonathan Nieder (1):
stripspace: allow -s/-c outside git repository

Jonathan Tan (9):
revision: use commit graph in get_reference()
fetch-pack: support protocol version 2
fetch-pack: do not take shallow lock unnecessarily
upload-pack: teach deepen-relative in protocol v2
pkt-line: introduce struct packet_writer
sideband: reverse its dependency on pkt-line
{fetch,upload}-pack: sideband v2 fetch response
ls-refs: filter refs using namespace-stripped name

Josh Steadmon (7):
filter-options: expand scaled numbers
commit-graph, fuzz: add fuzzer for commit-graph
commit-graph: fix buffer read-overflow
Makefile: correct example fuzz build
t5551: test server-side ERR packet
fuzz-commit-graph: initialize repo object
object: fix leak of shallow_stat

Junio C Hamano (16):
t0027: squelch checkout path run outside test_expect_* block
t0061: do not fail test if '.' is part of $PATH
run-command: report exec failure
submodule update: run at most one fetch job unless otherwise set
Git 2.20.1
Prepare for 2.21 cycle to start soonish
First batch after 2.20.1
ref-filter: give uintmax_t to format with %PRIuMAX
Second batch after 2.20
Third batch after 2.20
Fourth batch after 2.20
Fifth batch for 2.21
Git 2.21-rc0
ci: clear and mark MAKEFLAGS exported just once
Seventh batch for 2.21
Git 2.21-rc1

Katrin Leinweber (1):
doc: prevent overflowing <code> tag in rendered HTML

Kevin Daudt (1):
t0028: fix wrong octal values for BOM in setup

Kim Gybels (1):
diff: ensure correct lifetime of external_diff_cmd

Kyle Meyer (2):
rebase docs: drop stray word in merge command description
init docs: correct a punctuation typo

Laura Abbott (1):
git-quiltimport: add --keep-non-patch option

Linus Torvalds (1):
Add 'human' date format

Luke Diamand (3):
git-p4: add failing test for shelved CL update involving move/copy
git-p4: handle update of moved/copied files when updating a shelve
git-p4: remove ticket expiry test

Martin Ãgren (5):
git-column.txt: fix section header
Documentation: do not nest open blocks
git-status.txt: render tables correctly under Asciidoctor
t7510: invoke git as part of &&-chain
doc-diff: don't `cd_to_toplevel`

Masaya Suzuki (7):
Use packet_reader instead of packet_read_line
pack-protocol.txt: accept error packets in any context
http: support file handles for HTTP_KEEP_ERROR
http: enable keep_error for HTTP requests
remote-curl: define struct for CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION
remote-curl: unset CURLOPT_FAILONERROR
test: test GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 shows an error

Matthew DeVore (4):
list-objects.c: don't segfault for missing cmdline objects
revision.c: put promisor option in specialized struct
list-objects-filter: teach tree:# how to handle >0
tree:<depth>: skip some trees even when collecting omits

Matthieu Moy (1):
git-multimail: update to release 1.5.0

Max Kirillov (1):
http-backend: enable cleaning up forked upload/receive-pack on exit

Nguyán ThÃi Ngác Duy (68):
git.c: mark more strings for translation
alias.c: mark split_cmdline_strerror() strings for translation
archive.c: mark more strings for translation
attr.c: mark more string for translation
read-cache.c: turn die("internal error") to BUG()
read-cache.c: mark more strings for translation
read-cache.c: add missing colon separators
reflog: mark strings for translation
remote.c: turn some error() or die() to BUG()
remote.c: mark messages for translation
repack: mark more strings for translation
parse-options: replace opterror() with optname()
parse-options.c: turn some die() to BUG()
parse-options.c: mark more strings for translation
fsck: reduce word legos to help i18n
fsck: mark strings for translation
wt-status.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
wt-status.c: remove implicit dependency the_repository
list-objects-filter.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
list-objects.c: reduce the_repository references
notes-merge.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
notes-merge.c: remove implicit dependency the_repository
transport.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
sequencer.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
sequencer.c: remove implicit dependency on the_repository
blame.c: remove implicit dependency the_repository
bisect.c: remove the_repository reference
branch.c: remove the_repository reference
bundle.c: remove the_repository references
cache-tree.c: remove the_repository references
delta-islands.c: remove the_repository references
diff-lib.c: remove the_repository references
line-log.c: remove the_repository reference
notes-cache.c: remove the_repository references
pack-check.c: remove the_repository references
pack-*.c: remove the_repository references
rerere.c: remove the_repository references
rebase-interactive.c: remove the_repository references
checkout: disambiguate dwim tracking branches and local files
checkout: print something when checking out paths
tree.c: make read_tree*() take 'struct repository *'
tree-walk.c: make tree_entry_interesting() take an index
pathspec.h: clean up "extern" in function declarations
dir.c: move, rename and export match_attrs()
tree-walk: support :(attr) matching
Indent code with TABs
style: the opening '{' of a function is in a separate line
parse-options: fix SunCC compiler warning
worktree: allow to (re)move worktrees with uninitialized submodules
grep: use grep_opt->repo instead of explict repo argument
notes-utils.c: remove the_repository references
repository.c: replace hold_locked_index() with repo_hold_locked_index()
checkout: avoid the_index when possible
read-cache.c: kill read_index()
read-cache.c: replace update_index_if_able with repo_&
sha1-name.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
merge-recursive.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index
merge-recursive.c: remove implicit dependency on the_repository
read-cache.c: remove the_* from index_has_changes()
fetch: prefer suffix substitution in compact fetch.output
help: align the longest command in the command listing
git-commit.txt: better description what it does
checkout: update count-checkouts messages
checkout: count and print -m paths separately
imap-send.c: add a missing space in error message
git-compat-util: work around fileno(fp) that is a macro
get_oid_with_context(): match prototype and implementation

Olga Telezhnaya (6):
ref-filter: add objectsize:disk option
ref-filter: add check for negative file size
ref-filter: add tests for objectsize:disk
ref-filter: add deltabase option
ref-filter: add tests for deltabase
ref-filter: add docs for new options

Orgad Shaneh (2):
t5403: simplify by using a single repository
rebase: run post-checkout hook on checkout

Patrick Hogg (2):
pack-objects: move read mutex to packing_data struct
pack-objects: merge read_lock and lock in packing_data struct

Peter Osterlund (1):
git-p4: fix problem when p4 login is not necessary

Phillip Wood (11):
diff: document --no-color-moved
Use "whitespace" consistently
diff: allow --no-color-moved-ws
diff --color-moved-ws: demonstrate false positives
diff --color-moved-ws: fix false positives
diff --color-moved=zebra: be stricter with color alternation
diff --color-moved-ws: optimize allow-indentation-change
diff --color-moved-ws: modify allow-indentation-change
diff --color-moved-ws: handle blank lines
implicit interactive rebase: don't run sequence editor
rebase -x: sanity check command

Pranit Bauva (7):
bisect--helper: `bisect_reset` shell function in C
bisect--helper: `bisect_write` shell function in C
wrapper: move is_empty_file() and rename it as is_empty_or_missing_file()
bisect--helper: `check_and_set_terms` shell function in C
bisect--helper: `bisect_next_check` shell function in C
bisect--helper: `get_terms` & `bisect_terms` shell function in C
bisect--helper: `bisect_start` shell function partially in C

Ramsay Jones (3):
config.mak.uname: remove obsolete SPARSE_FLAGS setting
Makefile: improve SPARSE_FLAGS customisation
sequencer: make sign_off_header a file local symbol

Randall S. Becker (10):
transport-helper: use xread instead of read
config.mak.uname: support for modern HPE NonStop config.
git-compat-util.h: add FLOSS headers for HPE NonStop
compat/regex/regcomp.c: define intptr_t and uintptr_t on NonStop
t5403: correct bash ambiguous redirect error in subtest 8 by quoting $GIT_DIR
config.mak.uname: add FREAD_READS_DIRECTORIES for NonStop platform
test-lib-functions.sh: add generate_zero_bytes function
t5318: replace use of /dev/zero with generate_zero_bytes
t5562: replace /dev/zero with a pipe from generate_zero_bytes
config.mak.uname: move location of bash on NonStop to CoreUtils

Renà Scharfe (5):
sha1-file: close fd of empty file in map_sha1_file_1()
object-store: factor out odb_loose_cache()
object-store: factor out odb_clear_loose_cache()
object-store: use one oid_array per subdirectory for loose cache
object-store: retire odb_load_loose_cache()

SZEDER GÃbor (25):
clone: use a more appropriate variable name for the default refspec
clone: respect additional configured fetch refspecs during initial fetch
Documentation/clone: document ignored configuration variables
test-lib: check Bash version for '-x' without using shell arrays
test-lib: translate SIGTERM and SIGHUP to an exit
test-lib: extract Bash version check for '-x' tracing
test-lib: parse options in a for loop to keep $@ intact
test-lib: parse command line options earlier
test-lib: consolidate naming of test-results paths
test-lib: set $TRASH_DIRECTORY earlier
test-lib-functions: introduce the 'test_set_port' helper function
test-lib: add the '--stress' option to run a test repeatedly under load
compat/obstack: fix -Wcast-function-type warnings
.gitignore: ignore external debug symbols from GCC on macOS
travis-ci: don't be '--quiet' when running the tests
travis-ci: switch to Xcode 10.1 macOS image
travis-ci: build with the right compiler
commit-graph: rename "large edges" to "extra edges"
commit-graph: don't call write_graph_chunk_extra_edges() unnecessarily
strbuf.cocci: suggest strbuf_addbuf() to add one strbuf to an other
object_as_type: initialize commit-graph-related fields of 'struct commit'
travis-ci: make the OSX build jobs' 'brew update' more quiet
ci: make sure we build Git parallel
test-lib: make '--stress' more bisect-friendly
test-lib: fix non-portable pattern bracket expressions

Sebastian Staudt (2):
describe: setup working tree for --dirty
t6120: test for describe with a bare repository

Sergey Organov (4):
t3510: stop using '-m 1' to force failure mid-sequence of cherry-picks
cherry-pick: do not error on non-merge commits when '-m 1' is specified
t3502: validate '-m 1' argument is now accepted for non-merge commits
t3506: validate '-m 1 -ff' is now accepted for non-merge commits

Shahzad Lone (1):
various: tighten constness of some local variables

Slavica Djukic (1):
stash: tolerate missing user identity

Stefan Beller (39):
sha1_file: allow read_object to read objects in arbitrary repositories
packfile: allow has_packed_and_bad to handle arbitrary repositories
diff: align move detection error handling with other options
object-store: allow read_object_file_extended to read from any repo
object-store: prepare read_object_file to deal with any repo
object-store: prepare has_{sha1, object}_file to handle any repo
object: parse_object to honor its repository argument
commit: allow parse_commit* to handle any repo
commit-reach.c: allow paint_down_to_common to handle any repo
commit-reach.c: allow merge_bases_many to handle any repo
commit-reach.c: allow remove_redundant to handle any repo
commit-reach.c: allow get_merge_bases_many_0 to handle any repo
commit-reach: prepare get_merge_bases to handle any repo
commit-reach: prepare in_merge_bases[_many] to handle any repo
commit: prepare get_commit_buffer to handle any repo
commit: prepare repo_unuse_commit_buffer to handle any repo
commit: prepare logmsg_reencode to handle arbitrary repositories
pretty: prepare format_commit_message to handle arbitrary repositories
sideband: color lines with keyword only
sha1-array: provide oid_array_filter
submodule.c: fix indentation
submodule.c: sort changed_submodule_names before searching it
submodule.c: tighten scope of changed_submodule_names struct
submodule: store OIDs in changed_submodule_names
repository: repo_submodule_init to take a submodule struct
submodule: migrate get_next_submodule to use repository structs
submodule.c: fetch in submodules git directory instead of in worktree
fetch: ensure submodule objects fetched
submodule update: add regression test with old style setups
submodule: unset core.worktree if no working tree is present
submodule--helper: fix BUG message in ensure_core_worktree
submodule deinit: unset core.worktree
submodule: use submodule repos for object lookup
submodule: don't add submodule as odb for push
commit-graph: convert remaining functions to handle any repo
commit: prepare free_commit_buffer and release_commit_memory for any repo
path.h: make REPO_GIT_PATH_FUNC repository agnostic
t/helper/test-repository: celebrate independence from the_repository
git-submodule: abort if core.worktree could not be set correctly

Stephen P. Smith (4):
Replace the proposed 'auto' mode with 'auto:'
Add 'human' date format documentation
Add `human` format to test-tool
Add `human` date format tests.

Sven van Haastregt (1):
git-submodule.sh: shorten submodule SHA-1s using rev-parse

Thomas Braun (1):
log -G: ignore binary files

Thomas Gummerer (3):
t5570: drop racy test
Revert "t/lib-git-daemon: record daemon log"
config.mak.dev: add -Wall, primarily for -Wformat, to help autoconf users

Todd Zullinger (2):
t/lib-gpg: quote path to ${GNUPGHOME}/trustlist.txt
t/lib-gpg: drop redundant killing of gpg-agent

Torsten BÃgershausen (3):
git clone <url> C:\cygwin\home\USER\repo' is working (again)
test-lint: only use only sed [-n] [-e command] [-f command_file]
Support working-tree-encoding "UTF-16LE-BOM"

brian m. carlson (20):
sha1-file: rename algorithm to "sha1"
sha1-file: provide functions to look up hash algorithms
hex: introduce functions to print arbitrary hashes
cache: make hashcmp and hasheq work with larger hashes
t: add basic tests for our SHA-1 implementation
t: make the sha1 test-tool helper generic
sha1-file: add a constant for hash block size
t/helper: add a test helper to compute hash speed
commit-graph: convert to using the_hash_algo
Add a base implementation of SHA-256 support
sha256: add an SHA-256 implementation using libgcrypt
hash: add an SHA-256 implementation using OpenSSL
tree-walk: copy object ID before use
match-trees: compute buffer offset correctly when splicing
match-trees: use hashcpy to splice trees
tree-walk: store object_id in a separate member
cache: make oidcpy always copy GIT_MAX_RAWSZ bytes
fetch-pack: clear alternate shallow when complete
fetch-pack: clear alternate shallow in one more place
utf8: handle systems that don't write BOM for UTF-16

Ãvar ArnfjÃrà Bjarmason (18):
remote.c: add braces in anticipation of a follow-up change
i18n: remote.c: mark error(...) messages for translation
push: improve the error shown on unqualified <dst> push
push: move unqualified refname error into a function
push: add an advice on unqualified <dst> push
push: test that <src> doesn't DWYM if <dst> is unqualified
push doc: document the DWYM behavior pushing to unqualified <dst>
commit-graph: split up close_reachable() progress output
commit-graph write: use pack order when finding commits
commit-graph write: add "Writing out" progress output
commit-graph write: more descriptive "writing out" output
commit-graph write: show progress for object search
commit-graph write: add more descriptive progress output
commit-graph write: remove empty line for readability
commit-graph write: add itermediate progress
commit-graph write: emit a percentage for all progress
diff-tree doc: correct & remove wrong documentation
rebase: fix regression in rebase.useBuiltin=false test mode