Re: [PATCH V2 00/10] X86/KVM/Hyper-V: Add HV ept tlb range list flush support in KVM

From: Paolo Bonzini
Date: Thu Feb 14 2019 - 11:40:40 EST

On 02/02/19 02:38, lantianyu1986@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> From: Lan Tianyu <Tianyu.Lan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> This patchset is to introduce hv ept tlb range list flush function
> support in the KVM MMU component. Flushing ept tlbs of several address
> range can be done via single hypercall and new list flush function is
> used in the kvm_mmu_commit_zap_page() and FNAME(sync_page). This patchset
> also adds more hv ept tlb range flush support in more KVM MMU function.
> Change since v1:
> 1) Make flush list as a hlist instead of list in order to
> keep struct kvm_mmu_page size.
> 2) Add last_level flag in the struct kvm_mmu_page instead
> of spte pointer
> 3) Move tlb flush from kvm_mmu_notifier_clear_flush_young() to kvm_age_hva()
> 4) Use range flush in the kvm_vm_ioctl_get/clear_dirty_log()

Looks good except for the confusion on sp->last_level (which was mostly
mine---sorry about that). I think it can still make 5.1.

However, note that I've never received "KVM/MMU: Use tlb range flush in
the kvm_age_hva()".