Re: [PATCH v5 05/10] dt-bindings: irqchip: Introduce TISCI Interrupt router bindings

From: Tony Lindgren
Date: Mon Feb 18 2019 - 09:32:55 EST

* Lokesh Vutla <lokeshvutla@xxxxxx> [190216 03:30]:
> On 2/15/2019 9:46 PM, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> > The dts node for the interrupt controller should describe a
> > proper Linux device, that is with reg entries and so on.
> You are asking to just keep the compatible property :)

Right, and then I realized this node is missing the standard
reg entry too. And you're saying the registers are not even
accissible from Linux.

So based on that IMO you should not even have a device tree
node for it at all. You should just have the interrupt
controller driver do the muxing on request_irq() using tisci

If that's not true, and these mux registers are accessible
from Linux, then set up proper dts node with reg entries.
And have the driver deal with the firmware based on the
compatible node.