Re: Collaboration

From: Robert Borg
Date: Fri Feb 22 2019 - 02:30:24 EST

Good Morning!

I write to request your co-operation in my desire to find a foreign partner who will assist me in the relocation and Transfer of some amount of money which I have made available for investment purpose abroad in other to secure the future of my children after retirement. This fund I may say accrued legitimately to us as commission from contracts awarded through Expanded Public Works Program (EPWP). As a matter of introduction; I am Mr. Robert Borg DG; (Projects Corporate Services) Department of Public Works South Africa.

I will like you to assist in the following:
(1) Assist me in the receiving of this sum in your Country.
(2) Advise on areas for potential future investment in your country.
(3) Assist me in carrying a feasibility study before actual investment.

Please state terms and conditions for me and also laws biding for a foreigner to invest in your country. Due to the delicate nature of the project, I am constrained to issue more details about this profitable venture until I get your response by email thus pleading for your confidence in this matter.

Kind Regards,
Mr. Robert Borg
DDG Department of Public Works S A