Re: [PATCH 02/18] clocksource/drivers/arch_timer: Workaround for Allwinner A64 timer instability

From: Samuel Holland
Date: Tue Feb 26 2019 - 21:55:29 EST

On 02/26/19 15:23, Sasha Levin wrote:
> Hi,
> [This is an automated email]
> This commit has been processed because it contains a -stable tag.
> The stable tag indicates that it's relevant for the following trees: all
> The bot has tested the following trees: v4.20.12, v4.19.25, v4.14.103, v4.9.160, v4.4.176, v3.18.136.
> How should we proceed with this patch?

This patch is actually only applicable to 4.14.y and newer. It doesn't apply
cleanly because fa8d815fac96 was not backported to 4.14 or 4.19. fa8d815fac96 is
not a dependency, so the extra part of the hunk just needs to be removed.
(Should I send a rebased version somewhere?)

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> Thanks,
> Sasha