linux-next: build failure after merge of the selinux tree

From: Stephen Rothwell
Date: Tue Apr 02 2019 - 21:22:17 EST

Hi Paul,

After merging the selinux tree, today's linux-next build (x86_64
allmodconfig) failed like this:

x86_64-linux-gnu-ld: security/selinux/hooks.o: in function `selinux_kernfs_init_security':
hooks.c:(.text+0x8f7d): undefined reference to `kernfs_xattr_get'
x86_64-linux-gnu-ld: hooks.c:(.text+0x8ff5): undefined reference to `kernfs_xattr_get'
x86_64-linux-gnu-ld: hooks.c:(.text+0x91b5): undefined reference to `kernfs_xattr_set'

Caused by commit

1991af34fa26 ("kernfs: fix xattr name handling in LSM helpers")

I have used the selinux tree from next-20190402 for today.

Stephen Rothwell

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