Re: [PATCH v4 0/6] normalize IOMMU dma mode boot options

From: Leizhen (ThunderTown)
Date: Sun Apr 07 2019 - 23:16:50 EST

On 2019/4/8 9:14, Hanjun Guo wrote:
> Hi Zhen,
> On 2019/4/7 20:41, Zhen Lei wrote:
>> As Robin Murphy's suggestion:
>> "It's also not necessarily obvious to the user how this interacts with
>> IOMMU_DEFAULT_PASSTHROUGH, so if we really do go down this route, maybe it
>> would be better to refactor the whole lot into a single selection of something
>> like IOMMU_DEFAULT_MODE anyway."
>> In this version, I tried to normalize the IOMMU dma mode boot options for all
>> ARCHs. When IOMMU is enabled, there are 3 dma modes: paasthrough(bypass),
>> lazy(mapping but defer the IOTLB invalidation), strict. But currently each
>> ARCHs defined their private boot options, different with each other. For
>> example, to enable/disable "passthrough", ARM64 use iommu.passthrough=1/0,
>> X86 use iommu=pt/nopt, PPC/POWERNV use iommu=nobypass.
>> Zhen Lei (6):
>> iommu: use iommu.dma_mode to replace iommu.passthrough and
>> iommu.strict
>> iommu: keep dma mode build options consistent with cmdline options
>> iommu: add iommu_default_dma_mode_get() helper
>> s390/pci: use common boot option iommu.dma_mode
>> powernv/iommu: use common boot option iommu.dma_mode
>> x86/iommu: use common boot option iommu.dma_mode
> This will break systems using boot options as now, and I think
> this is unacceptable. If you want to do so, just introduce iommu.dma_mode
> on top of those iommu boot options with dma mode boot options unchanged,
> and iommu.dma_mode is for all archs but compatible with them.

I just changed the boot options name, but keep the function no change. I added
all related maintainers/supporters in the "to=" list, maybe we can disuss this.
Should I add some "obsoleted" warnings for old options and keep them for a while?
But I think this kind of thing is best done in one go.

> Thanks
> Hanjun
> .