Re: Device Description for FPGA Components on x86 system

From: Eric Schwarz
Date: Wed Apr 10 2019 - 06:56:31 EST


everything you want is already available and on the way to mainline concerning support for various FPGA loading modes or available for checkout from a git repository.
All that has already been discussed on the mailing list.

FPGA loading interface is available here [1].
Patchset missing for FPGA loading has been sent to the mailing list from Anatolij Gustschin for various Linux kernel versions. Link to the most recent patchset version [2].
FPGA Manager mailing list archive link [3] - Please read up the story here around those patches and also the replies of the others.



Am 10.04.2019 12:01, schrieb Federico Vaga:


sorry to push for an answer but I do not want to take the risk of designing
something useless. I do not know how should I interpret a no-answer.

If the solution really does not exist today, then I would like to collect
opinions/arguments/requirements on the topic so that I can write something
useful not only for CERN but for the entire community.

Thank you

On Wednesday, March 27, 2019 6:17:18 PM CEST Federico Vaga wrote:


I'm looking for guidance

What I have:
* Intel x86_64 computer
* PCIe card with FPGA on it

What I want to achieve:
* load an FPGA bitstream on the card
* load a device-tree like description for the FPGA devices contained in the

This is achievable on ARM with DeviceTree, overlay-dt, fpga-mgr; but I'm
puzzled about the x86_64 use-case. I'm not able to find recent and clear

Does anyone know if this is doable? Perhaps with ACPI SSDTs overlay? Or with
the DT?