Re: [RFC PATCH V3 0/4] Add Xilinx's ZynqMP SHA3 driver support

From: Corentin Labbe
Date: Thu May 02 2019 - 08:00:37 EST

On Thu, May 02, 2019 at 04:04:38PM +0530, Kalyani Akula wrote:
> This patch set adds support for
> - dt-binding docs for Xilinx ZynqMP SHA3 driver
> - Adds communication layer support for sha_hash in zynqmp.c
> - Adds Xilinx ZynqMP driver for SHA3 Algorithm
> - Adds device tree node for ZynqMP SHA3 driver
> V3 Changes :
> - Removed zynqmp_sha_import and export APIs.The reason as follows
> The user space code does an accept on an already accepted FD
> when we create AF_ALG socket and call accept on it,
> it calls af_alg_accept and not hash_accept.
> import and export APIs are called from hash_accept.
> The flow is as below
> accept--> af_alg_accept-->hash_accept_parent-->hash_accept_parent_nokey
> for hash salg_type.
> - Resolved comments from

Your driver still doesnt handle the case where two hash are done in parallel.

Furthermore, you miss the export/import functions.