Re: [PATCH] serial: 8250: Add support for using platform_device resources

From: Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult
Date: Thu May 02 2019 - 15:42:37 EST

On 30.04.19 16:04, Esben Haabendal wrote:
> Allow getting memory resource (mapbase or iobase) as well as irq from
> platform_device resources.
> The UPF_DEV_RESOURCES flag must be set for devices where platform_device
> resources are to be used. When not set, driver behaves as before.
> This allows use of the serial8250 driver together with devices with
> resources added by platform_device_add_resources(), such as mfd child
> devices added with mfd_add_devices().

I like the idea (actually, quite the direction I'd like to go), but
unfortunately it's more compilicated than that.

Some drivers don't use these fields, eg. 8250 determines the mapsize
based on several factors, at the time of the mapping is done. That's
one of the things my patches shall clean up.


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