-Wuninitialized warning in drivers/misc/sgi-xp/xpc_partition.c

From: Nathan Chancellor
Date: Thu May 02 2019 - 23:34:20 EST

Hi all,

When building with -Wuninitialized, Clang warns:

drivers/misc/sgi-xp/xpc_partition.c:73:14: warning: variable 'buf' is uninitialized when used within its own initialization [-Wuninitialized]
void *buf = buf;
~~~ ^~~
1 warning generated.

I am not really sure how to properly initialize buf in this instance.
I would assume it would involve xpc_kmalloc_cacheline_aligned like
further down in the function but maybe not, this function isn't entirely
clear. Could we get your input, this is one of the last warnings I see
in a few allyesconfig builds.