Re: [PATCH v2 1/3] blk-mq.c: Add documention of function blk_mq_init_queue

From: Marcos Paulo de Souza
Date: Fri May 03 2019 - 12:07:50 EST

On Thu, May 02, 2019 at 02:37:56PM -0600, Jens Axboe wrote:
> On 5/1/19 8:04 PM, Marcos Paulo de Souza wrote:
> > gentle ping v2.
> It's not that I hate the series, I just don't see it adding any real
> value. It should already be quite clear what the functions do, by name,
> and the comments don't really add to that.

My first goal was to make someone to first read the function comment without
going into the details of the code, and at the same time, by adding these
documentations, having these functions being listed at

So, in IMHO, they add a fast way, for someone who is trying to understand how
things work, to understand exactly what the function does in some seconds, than
reading the functions code.

In you're now happy with these comments, can you point how can I improve them?

Thanks in advance,

> --
> Jens Axboe