Re: Conclusion on my work with Low-Jitter

From: Ywe CÃrlyn
Date: Sun May 05 2019 - 03:25:18 EST

Also really the "Thor and Odin" style acidprophets we still see reflected in people like Stallman is the big reggresion, and potentialiy block for greater economic flow, and should be replaced by intercultural thinking, taking monotheistic developments, and going further to prosperity.

Oase is now Oase - Intercultural Operating System.

And I think I have solved all philosophical questions involved. So for all serious actors, acknowledge, and lets make it a big Fair Labour compliant Computing Space.

Ywe CÃrlyn
Researcher (+DSP-Programmer, Musician, Producer, Mastering-engineer.)

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On Tuesday 30. April 2019 kl. 13:37, Ywe CÃrlyn <ywecrn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I worked with low-jitter on Linux, here earlier, and tested Available Source, and found it to be of high quality, giving 172/3 frames with the jitter sensitive 3-pass Doom 3 engine, from ID Software,then at 1080p res, some years ago, a good test for the fastest bus in the system, and giving a good general idea of potential system performance.
> The Available Source Unix derivative Linux, turned out better than Microsoft Windows, that ofcourse without working priorities, one needs to turn off tasks instead, and even with this, needed double CPU speed for similar performance.
> As for multiple cpus, understanding low jitter as the time it takes to do the inner loop, one cpu seems enough for most, with todays speeds of 4GHZ. More becomes a bit of a luxury on desktops but could be used for parallel threads ofcourse. While phones will use minimal power technology, and big servers many-cpus for serving the masses.
> I also happened to see discussions in GNU space where "GNU has failed, it is not happened on the desktop". But indeed BSD has, with OSX. So it is not anything like that Available Source in general has failed, but indeed seems to be of higher quality than closed alternatives, and the netbased discussions of much faster dynamics, than regular phonesupport indeed.
> Furthermore it seems Available Source is general seems to grow, and a one-system topology seems viable, but it needs to fuse with existing commercial principles, and workunion principles of Fair Labour, that indeed is established by law, and thus should also be part of the inner loop, of a low-jitter system, then probably a BSD Unix derivative.
> This research was part of a greater research project on monotheism, that also addresses the behaviour problems we see online, and further concludes that a zÃn-concept of the divine, that works in our culture, and a Quranic upgrade to the Bible is neccesary, perfecting the Abrahamic background of a computer system.
> And indeed the internet is already much a technocracy, where relevance is filtered in specialist workgroups, with leaders taking this to mainleader, just as information needs to be handled to be handlable in a system aswell. Where one indeed needs results, and irrelevance goes out, being even more democratic than democracy.
> So optimal information handling is low-jitter is technocratic, and an optimal OS, and I suggest this being Oase aswell.
> Peace Go With Thee.
> Ywe CÃrlyn,
> Oase Initiative Taker.