Re: Can a recipients rights under GNU GPL be revoked? - Bradley M. Kuhn is not an attorney (he should go get his JD and get licensed).

From: rhkramer
Date: Sun May 05 2019 - 08:08:51 EST

On Sunday, May 05, 2019 12:51:15 AM vsnsdualce2@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Bar rules do not allow lawyers to serve under a non-lawyer
> in
> an organization, and the organization was essentially a pro-bono law
> firm
> (which really needed a attorney in it's ranks...)

That's interesting, but (off the point of this email exchange), it puzzles me
-- many corporations headed by non-lawyers have lawyers on staff, so I'm
guessing that the statement you made applies only to organizations like law
firms, or, the lawyers on the staff of a non-law corporation are in something at
least a little different than the normal employer / employee relationship.

(PS: I stand corrected on Kuhn being a lawyer -- thanks for the correction.)

Now I have to debate (with myself) whether to prune the cc list -- I forget
the original post -- was it really this widespread?