Re: [U-Boot] [v4 PATCH] RISCV: image: Add booti support

From: Atish Patra
Date: Mon May 06 2019 - 20:51:39 EST

On 5/6/19 2:27 PM, Tom Rini wrote:
On Mon, May 06, 2019 at 11:10:57PM +0200, Heinrich Schuchardt wrote:
On 5/6/19 10:39 PM, Karsten Merker wrote:
On Mon, May 06, 2019 at 10:06:39PM +0200, Heinrich Schuchardt wrote:
On 5/6/19 8:11 PM, Atish Patra wrote:
This patch adds booti support for RISC-V Linux kernel. The existing
bootm method will also continue to work as it is.
+ "boot arm64/riscv Linux Image image from memory", booti_help_text

%s/Image image/image/

"arm64/riscv" is distracting. If I am on RISC-V I cannot boot an ARM64
image here. Remove the reference to the architecture, please.


I'm not sure about the last point - ISTR (please correct me if my
memory betrays me here) that an arm64 U-Boot can in principle be
used to boot either an arm64 or an armv7 kernel, but the commands
are different in those cases (booti for an arm64 "Image" format
kernel and bootz for an armv7 "zImage" format kernel), so having
the information which kernel format is supported by the
respective commands appears useful to me. If the arm64 kernel
image format would have a distinctive name (like "zImage" on
armv7 or "bzImage" on x86) that would be less problematic, but
with the confusion potential of "boot a Linux Image" (as in the
arm64/riscv-specific "Image" format) vs "boot a Linux image" (as
in generally some form of kernel image), I think explicitly
mentioning the supported architectures makes sense.

In this case you have to ensure that only the *supported* architectures
are mentioned. RISC-V is not supported on ARM64.

The help should be re-worded to be both architecture agnostic and clear
that it is for the Linux Kernel 'Image' format images.