Re: [v2 PATCH] RISC-V: Add a PE/COFF compliant Image header.

From: Karsten Merker
Date: Sat May 11 2019 - 16:59:17 EST

On Wed, May 01, 2019 at 12:56:07PM -0700, Atish Patra wrote:

> Currently, last stage boot loaders such as U-Boot can accept only
> uImage which is an unnecessary additional step in automating boot flows.
> Add a PE/COFF compliant image header that boot loaders can parse and
> directly load kernel flat Image. The existing booting methods will continue
> to work as it is.
> Another goal of this header is to support EFI stub for RISC-V in future.
> EFI specification needs PE/COFF image header in the beginning of the kernel
> image in order to load it as an EFI application. In order to support
> EFI stub, code0 should be replaced with "MZ" magic string and res5(at
> offset 0x3c) should point to the rest of the PE/COFF header (which will
> be added during EFI support).
> Tested on both QEMU and HiFive Unleashed using OpenSBI + U-Boot + Linux.

Hello Palmer,

it would be great if this patch could go in with the 5.2 merge
window. Is there anything particular blocking its acceptance?

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