Re: [PATCH v10 1/2] usb: xhci : Add devaddr in struct usb_device

From: Jim Lin
Date: Fri May 17 2019 - 09:39:43 EST

Sorry, something went wrong.

The result is not as expected in one of the tests.

Abandon this series of patches.

Will debug and resubmit later.


On 2019å05æ16æ 22:56, Alan Stern wrote:
On Thu, 16 May 2019, Jim Lin wrote:

The Clear_TT_Buffer request sent to the hub includes the address of
the LS/FS child device in wValue field. usb_hub_clear_tt_buffer()
uses udev->devnum to set the address wValue. This won't work for
devices connected to xHC.

For other host controllers udev->devnum is the same as the address of
the usb device, chosen and set by usb core. With xHC the controller
hardware assigns the address, and won't be the same as devnum.

Here we add devaddr in "struct usb_device" for
usb_hub_clear_tt_buffer() to use.

Signed-off-by: Jim Lin <jilin@xxxxxxxxxx>
Aside from the "xhci:" part of the Subject line (it's not really
appropriate because this is a modification of the USB core more than of
the xhci-hcd driver),

Acked-by: Alan Stern <stern@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

v2: xhci_clear_tt_buffer_complete: add static, shorter indentation
, remove its claiming in xhci.h
v3: Add description for clearing_tt (xhci.h)
v4: Remove clearing_tt flag because hub_tt_work has hub->tt.lock
to protect for Clear_TT_Buffer to be run serially.
Remove xhci_clear_tt_buffer_complete as it's not necessary.
Same reason as the above.
Extend usb_hub_clear_tt_buffer parameter
v5: Not extending usb_hub_clear_tt_buffer parameter
Add description.
v6: Remove unused parameter slot_id from xhci_clear_hub_tt_buffer
v7: Add devaddr field in "struct usb_device"
v8: split as two patches, change type from int to u8 for devaddr.
v9: Use pahole to find place to put devaddr in struct usb_device.
Remove space between type cast and variable.
hub.c changed from v8
clear->devinfo |= (u16) (udev->devaddr << 4);
clear->devinfo |= ((u16)udev->devaddr) << 4;
to solve a problem if devaddr is larger than 16.
v10 Initialize devaddr in xhci_setup_device()
Move devaddr to be below "u8 level"

drivers/usb/core/hub.c | 4 +++-
drivers/usb/host/xhci.c | 1 +
include/linux/usb.h | 2 ++
3 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/drivers/usb/core/hub.c b/drivers/usb/core/hub.c
index 15a2934dc29d..0d4b289be103 100644
--- a/drivers/usb/core/hub.c
+++ b/drivers/usb/core/hub.c
@@ -873,7 +873,7 @@ int usb_hub_clear_tt_buffer(struct urb *urb)
/* info that CLEAR_TT_BUFFER needs */
clear->tt = tt->multi ? udev->ttport : 1;
clear->devinfo = usb_pipeendpoint (pipe);
- clear->devinfo |= udev->devnum << 4;
+ clear->devinfo |= ((u16)udev->devaddr) << 4;
clear->devinfo |= usb_pipecontrol(pipe)
@@ -2125,6 +2125,8 @@ static void update_devnum(struct usb_device *udev, int devnum)
/* The address for a WUSB device is managed by wusbcore. */
if (!udev->wusb)
udev->devnum = devnum;
+ if (!udev->devaddr)
+ udev->devaddr = (u8)devnum;
static void hub_free_dev(struct usb_device *udev)
diff --git a/drivers/usb/host/xhci.c b/drivers/usb/host/xhci.c
index 7fa58c99f126..68b393e5a453 100644
--- a/drivers/usb/host/xhci.c
+++ b/drivers/usb/host/xhci.c
@@ -4096,6 +4096,7 @@ static int xhci_setup_device(struct usb_hcd *hcd, struct usb_device *udev,
/* Zero the input context control for later use */
ctrl_ctx->add_flags = 0;
ctrl_ctx->drop_flags = 0;
+ udev->devaddr = (u8)(le32_to_cpu(slot_ctx->dev_state) & DEV_ADDR_MASK);
xhci_dbg_trace(xhci, trace_xhci_dbg_address,
"Internal device address = %d",
diff --git a/include/linux/usb.h b/include/linux/usb.h
index 4229eb74bd2c..af68e31118f8 100644
--- a/include/linux/usb.h
+++ b/include/linux/usb.h
@@ -580,6 +580,7 @@ struct usb3_lpm_parameters {
* @bus_mA: Current available from the bus
* @portnum: parent port number (origin 1)
* @level: number of USB hub ancestors
+ * @devaddr: device address, XHCI: assigned by HW, others: same as devnum
* @can_submit: URBs may be submitted
* @persist_enabled: USB_PERSIST enabled for this device
* @have_langid: whether string_langid is valid
@@ -663,6 +664,7 @@ struct usb_device {
unsigned short bus_mA;
u8 portnum;
u8 level;
+ u8 devaddr;
unsigned can_submit:1;
unsigned persist_enabled:1;