Re: Linux behaviour problems comes down to GNU idol based on Morphine Psychosis

From: Ywe CÃrlyn
Date: Wed Jun 19 2019 - 04:31:59 EST

Yes, then I think we have solved the behavioural problem of Linux, and it seems to come down to the GNU idol, that seems based on Morphine Psychosis. And such the worst Stallman fans, have irate behaviour.

And much have pointed to that already, and much criticism done, and indeed the GNU idol should be gone.

And indeed I concluded this a while back, and suggested a Fair Labour direction for the OS instead. And replacing LSD culture, with Interculture, and Islam as the Bible is altered with Thorian belief, similar to LSD. then we keep the relevant of developments, and replace the irrelevant with interculture. And indeed the "acid" type never could do finances. Getting the Thor/Odin out, with it sectunrest and reality in. (Nor could they do mastering indeed, and rather than loudnesswar, we do suggest -10dB RMS masters too :)).

Peace (Go With Thee), as was the original greeting, and As-Salam is indeed a name of The Divine.

Eyx OS