Re: Fair Pay Project is now: OdÃn OS

From: Ywe CÃrlyn
Date: Thu Jul 11 2019 - 20:54:18 EST

Hi, IÂve been a user of OSs since the early 90s, starting with the "Irix for homecomputers" Amiga. And gone through some thinkings with that. Unfortunately Microsoft took over, and everybody hated that OS. Particulary here in Scandinavia. We expected big money, but it seems not much happened with that. All that happened on the Amiga was early versions of streaming (modules), picturesharing, chat etc.

Money did not come. As I grew up I realized I could do it myself, and having had top 1% research on Academia edu, I took a stab at OS design myself. Now including the finely granulated internet ecnonomy, aiming for autmated finances in the kernel itself. One thing popculture never really could do, was finances. So the traditional role of record company, publisher or even employer now is in the OS itself. Making all streams, data and files having attributes about re-use or not, taking part in this finely granulated internet economy and making the best of this.

And with a good enough file catalog structure, say

WTTP://Category/Subcategory/Country/15.000km2 zone/Person/Groupings(can be several)

With pop-statistics pr. folder, people find what they want, and could comment on the files.

With Groupings being for instance an aggregator for instance for this version of news, using files from publishers for the content.


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> On 11.07.19 15:01, Ywe CÃrlyn wrote:
> > I had the most brilliant idea - Fair Pay Project is now: OdÃn OS.
> > Us norse always liked a bit faster OS.
> What exactly do you wanna do differently ?
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