Re: [PATCH net-next] selftests: mlxsw: Fix typo in

From: shuah
Date: Wed Jul 24 2019 - 18:01:02 EST

On 7/24/19 3:51 PM, David Miller wrote:
From: Masanari Iida <standby24x7@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2019 00:29:51 +0900

This patch fix some spelling typo in

Signed-off-by: Masanari Iida <standby24x7@xxxxxxxxx>
Acked-by: Randy Dunlap <rdunlap@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I applied to this my fixes branch this morning on auto-pilot
without realizing that it is in your domain :)

Would you like like me to drop it from mine?

-- Shuah