RE: Need help with failling gcm_base(ctr,ghash-generic) selftest

From: Pascal Van Leeuwen
Date: Thu Aug 01 2019 - 20:24:10 EST

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> Subject: Need help with failling gcm_base(ctr,ghash-generic) selftest
> Hello
> I am writing the Allwinner sun8i-ce driver and when running tcrypt I got
> [ 30.201739] alg: aead: gcm_base(ctr-aes-sun8i-ce,ghash-generic) decryption failed on test
> vector 3; expected_error=0, actual_error=-74, cfg=\"random: may_sleep use_digest
> src_divs=[100.0%@+2614] dst_divs=[5.90%@alignmask+3015, 60.56%@+3996, 17.92%@+865,
> 15.62%@+10]\"
> or
The decryption reports only an -EBADMSG here, which means the decryption itself went
fine, but the authentication tag mismatched.

> [ 148.613537] alg: aead: gcm_base(ctr-aes-sun8i-ce,ghash-generic) encryption test failed
> (wrong result) on test vector 2, cfg=\"random: may_sleep use_final src_divs=[100.0%@+0]
> iv_offset=20\"
Can't say for sure, but considering the decrypt error, this is most likely just a
mismatch on the appended authentication tag.

> Since ctr-aes-sun8i-ce is passing the ctr(aes) selftest, I dont understand what could be
> wrong.
That is possible, as this appears to be a problem with the authentication part,
not the encryption part. So possibly a problem with the way you setup the
authentication key (which is actually derived from the encryption key, but I don't
know if your hardware does this autonomously, mine doesn't) and/or operation?

> Thanks
> Regards

Pascal van Leeuwen
Silicon IP Architect, Multi-Protocol Engines @ Verimatrix