Re: [PATCH v8 00/17] Enable FSGSBASE instructions

From: Andy Lutomirski
Date: Fri Sep 13 2019 - 00:24:15 EST

On 9/12/19 1:06 PM, Chang S. Bae wrote:

Updates from v7 [7]:
(1) Consider FSGSBASE when determining which Spectre SWAPGS mitigations are
(2) Fixed save_fsgs() to be aware of interrupt conditions
(3) Made selftest changes based on Andy's previous fixes and cleanups
(4) Included Andy's paranoid exit cleanup
(5) Included documentation rewritten by Thomas
(6) Carried on Thomas' edits on multiple changelogs and comments
(7) Used '[FS|GS] base' consistently, except for selftest where GSBASE has
been already used in its test messages
(8) Dropped the READ_MSR_GSBASE macro

This looks unpleasant to review. I wonder if it would be better to unrevert the reversion, merge up to Linus' tree or -tip, and then base the changes on top of that.

I also think that, before this series can have my ack, it needs an actual gdb maintainer to chime in, publicly, and state that they have thought about and tested the ABI changes and that gdb still works on patched kernels with and without FSGSBASE enabled. I realize that there were all kinds of discussions, but they were all quite theoretical, and I think that the actual patches need to be considered by people who understand the concerns. Specific test cases would be nice, too.

Finally, I wrote up some notes here:

I want to make sure that they're accounted for, and that patch should possibly be applied. The parent (broken link, but should fix itself soon):

may also help understand the relevant code.