Re: [PATCH] net: usb: lan78xx: Use phy_mac_interrupt() for interrupt handling

From: Stefan Wahren
Date: Thu Oct 24 2019 - 13:26:05 EST

Hi Daniel,

Am 24.10.19 um 16:12 schrieb Daniel Wagner:
> On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 01:06:10PM +0200, Daniel Wagner wrote:
> Sebastians suggested to try the RPi kernel. The rpi-5.2.y kernel
> behaves exactly the same. That is one PHY interrupt and later on NFS
> timeouts.
> According their website the current shipped RPi kernel is in version
> 4.18. Here is what happends with rpi-4.18.y:

No, it's 4.19. It's always a LTS kernel.

I'm curious, what's the motivation behind this? The rpi tree contains
additional hacks, so i'm not sure the results are comparable. Also the
USB host driver is a different one.

> There are no NFS timeouts and commands like 'apt update' work reasoble
> fast. So no long delays or hangs. Time to burn this hardware.

Since enabling lan78xx for Raspberry Pi 3B+, we found a lot of driver
issues. So i'm not really surprised, that there are still more of them.

Thanks Stefan