Re: [PATCH] lm75: add lm75b detection

From: Rain Wang
Date: Mon Oct 28 2019 - 07:37:29 EST

> Please send hwmon-related patches to the linux-hwmon list.

Sure, will do in future.

> I'm positively certain I don't want this. Ideally there should be no
> detection at all for device without ID registers. The only reason there
> are some occurrences of that is because there were no way to explicitly
> instantiate I2C devices back then, and we have left the detection in
> place to avoid perceived regressions. But today there are plenty of
> ways to explicitly instantiate your I2C devices so there are no excuses
> for more crappy detect functions. Ideally we would even get rid of
> existing ones at some point in the future.

I understand the concern, but there could be scenarios device tree doesn't
apply while some dynamic detection is still a valid requirement, not sure
maybe I'm wrong from beginning.

> This patch is bad anyway as it only changes the device name without
> implementing proper support for the LM75B.

This is only change we made just have our Intel C1516 board with LM75B sensor
working anyway, while majority common features of LM75 just work.