Re: [PATCH v7 09/11] iommu/vt-d: Add bind guest PASID support

From: Lu Baolu
Date: Mon Oct 28 2019 - 22:36:52 EST


On 10/28/19 2:03 PM, Tian, Kevin wrote:
.dev_disable_feat = intel_iommu_dev_disable_feat,
.is_attach_deferred =
intel_iommu_is_attach_deferred, .pgsize_bitmap =
+ .sva_bind_gpasid = intel_svm_bind_gpasid,
+ .sva_unbind_gpasid = intel_svm_unbind_gpasid,
again, pure PASID management logic should be separated from SVM.

I am not following, these two functions are SVM functionality, not
pure PASID management which is already separated in ioasid.c
I should say pure "scalable mode" logic. Above callbacks are not
related to host SVM per se. They are serving gpasid requests from
guest side, thus part of generic scalable mode capability.

Currently these two callbacks are for sva only and the patch has been
queued by Joerg for the next rc1. It could be extended to be generic.
But it deserves a separated patch.

Best regards,