RE: [PATCH v1 4/8] KVM: x86: Aviod clear the PEBS counter when PEBS enabled in guest

From: Kang, Luwei
Date: Wed Oct 30 2019 - 00:06:47 EST

> > This patch introduce a parameter that avoid clear the PEBS event
> > counter while running in the guest. The performance counter which use
> > for PEBS event can be enabled through VM-entry when PEBS is enabled in
> > guest by PEBS output to Intel PT.
> Please write coherent Changelogs. I have no clue what you're trying to say.
> Also, maybe this attrocious coding style is accepted in KVM, but I'm not having it. Pretty much all your linebreaks and subsequent
> indenting is against style.

Sorry. I mean the performance counter for PEBS event must be disabled before VM-entry at present. After PEBS enabled in guest by PEBS via PT, we don't need to disable the PEBS counters.
We be corrected in next version.

Luwei Kang