Re: [RFC-next 0/1] Odroid C2: Enable DVFS for cpu

From: Kevin Hilman
Date: Mon Dec 09 2019 - 17:12:41 EST

Anand Moon <linux.amoon@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Some how this patch got lost, so resend this again.
> [0]
> This patch enable DVFS on GXBB Odroid C2.
> DVFS has been tested by running the arm64 cpuburn
> [1]
> PM-QA testing
> [2] [cpufreq testcase]
> Tested on latest U-Boot 2019.07-1 (Aug 01 2019 - 23:58:01 +0000) Arch Linux ARM

Have you tested with the Harkernel u-boot?

Last I remember, enabling CPUfreq will cause system hangs with the
Hardkernel u-boot because of improperly enabled frequencies, so I'm not
terribly inclined to merge this patch.

> Patch based on my next-20191031 for 5.5.x kernel.
> Hope this is not late entry.

Re: "too late". FYI... when you post things as RFC, it means you're
looking for comments (Request For Comment) but that it's not intended
for merging.

I didn't see any comments on this, but I also didn't see a non-RFC
follow-up, so I didn't queue it for v5.5.