Re: [PATCH] char/random: silence a lockdep splat with printk()

From: Theodore Y. Ts'o
Date: Thu Jan 02 2020 - 13:02:24 EST

On Thu, Jan 02, 2020 at 10:42:51AM -0500, Qian Cai wrote:
> Not sure if Ted is still interested in maintaining this file as he had no feedback for more
> than a month. The problem is that this will render the lockdep useless for a general
> debugging tool as it will disable the lockdep early in the process.
> Could Andrew (since the free page shuffle will call get_random) or Linus pick this up
> directly with the approval from one of the printk() maintainers above?

Sorry, things have been busy with the Chistmas holidays and getting
the ext4 tree ready for the merge window. I'll take a look at this in the next day or two.

- Ted