Re: [PATCH v4] bluetooth: hci_bcm: enable IRQ capability from node

From: Marcel Holtmann
Date: Sat Jan 04 2020 - 04:59:02 EST

Hi Guillaume,

>>>>> @@ -1421,6 +1422,7 @@ static int bcm_serdev_probe(struct serdev_device *serdev)
>>>>> #endif
>>>>> bcmdev->serdev_hu.serdev = serdev;
>>>>> serdev_device_set_drvdata(serdev, bcmdev);
>>>>> + bcmdev->irq = of_irq_get(bcmdev->dev->of_node, 0);
>>>> Shouldn't you be used using of_irq_get_byname()?
>>> i can use it if you prefer but no other interrupt need to be defined
>> Maybe not needed then. Was just thinking it may make it more clear that
>> you now have two ways to specify the "host-wakeup" interrupt (and in
>> your proposed implementation the interrupts-property happens to take
>> priority). Perhaps that can be sorted out when you submit the binding
>> update for review.
> no problem i add a "host-wakeup" interrupt-name.
> you are right it will be more clear with name and we know why this interrupt is needed.

have I missed the v5 or are still sending it?