Re: [bugreport] "hwclock -w" reset time instead of setting the right time

From: Jinke Fan
Date: Sat Jan 04 2020 - 06:38:15 EST

Hi Mike:
Yes, We do check the time in BIOS Menu after first reboot.

We do some further tests in our X570 platform:
* "AMD Ryzen 7 3700X" with mainboard "ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E GAMING".
* OS is Fedora rawhide, with default Kernel version which is shown as
$uname -a
Linux bogon 5.5.0-0.rc4.git0.1.fc32.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Dec 30 06:32:36
UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

And we upgrade/downgrade BIOS version from 1005/1201/1404/1405, and we
found out that :
* OLD BIOS version 1005/1201 does not reset the rtc time and keep the
setup rtc time after reboot.
* NEW BIOS version 1404/1405 DO reset the rtc time to 2019/01/01 after

Detailed pictures of the BIOS time after reboot is shown in [2],

We suspect the BIOS 1201->1404 upgrade might cause this issue.
From x570 BIOS changelog [1], we found that the big difference between
1201/1404 is the AMD AM4 PI upgrade from AGESA to AM4 combo
PI patch B,

If possible, please tell us about the BIOS version and your hardware
which can be get from BIOS UI or using "dmidecode" in Linux env.


Best Regards,
Jinke Fan.

On 2020/1/4 16:25, Mikhail Gavrilov wrote:
> On Sat, 4 Jan 2020 at 10:46, Jinke Fan <fanjinke@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I watched the video on youtube. The date is reseted when startup into
>> bios at Mike's platform.
>> As we know that the bios will check the validity of rtc time, if not,
>> bios will reset the rtc time. RTC time reset may be done by the BIOS.
> Did you disable automatic time synchronization?
> By default Fedora GNOME doing automatic time synchronization.
> For this reason, itâs more correct to immediately go into the BIOS
> after a reboot and there check the time value or turn off automatic
> time synchronization
> --
> Best Regards,
> Mike Gavrilov.